Meatrack Volume 1


Meatrack Volume 1
Directed by Directed by Dominic Ford
Starring: Trenton Ducati, Kurt Von Ryder, Gavin Waters, Marcus Ruhl, JD Phoenix, David Lambert, and Duncan Black

    It's a cold and rainy day in Chicago and I need a vacation. Dominic Ford, thanks for taking me to Fire Island. I have never
been to Fire Island, but for me it's a good start to a movie when Trenton Ducati is in the pick-up woods getting his dick sucked
on and visitors can come by and watch. Well Trenton and Kurt decide to go back to Trenton's house (which has a pool and
outdoor shower) and get naked in the outdoor shower. After sucking on each other's dicks, the guys go find a lounge chair by
the pool and Kurt sits on Ducati's dick (okay bounces on Ducati's dick!). At the next house we have Gavin and Marcus sunbathing
in the nude and it takes no time at all until they are sucking each other's dicks before fucking. Later that day at the same pool we
have Valentin and JD naked and sucking face and in no time sucking dick. Once Valentin starts eating JD's ass, we all know he
will be fucking him. Over at the workout area Kurt and David are working out and Kurt needs a spot. Anyone who goes to the
gym (if they are telling the truth) has a fantasy of getting busy with someone. Well these two are naked and sucking on each other,
eating each other's asses in record time. Back in the woods we find Duncan who is looking for action when he finds it with Ducati
who eats his ass and sucks his dick before they go back to the house. This time it's Duncan who is doing the sucking before he gets
fucked by Ducati. After I seeing this movie, I think I need to go to Fire Island and rent this house.
 3.8 Stars!