Meat Men


Meat Men
2017. Kristen Bjorn
Directed by Strongboli
Starring: Ivan Gregory, Hans Berlin, Logan Moore, Viktor Rom, Gabriel Lunna, Alex Brando, Santi Noruera, Hugo Arenes,
Aitor Bravo, John Rodriguez, Lucas Fox, Juanjo Rodriguez, Antonio Miricle and Rick de Silver

Hans Berlin needs some cash and he needs it fast, so he decides to sell his prized camera to Ivan Gregory. Being a good guy
Ivan invites Hans back to is hotel to further check out the camera (OKAY... LOL). When Ivan is checking out the camera he
finds Hans' naked pic's... and likes them...which means the guys are going to take turns sucking on each other's dicks. Next the
guys take turns munching on each other's asses, but it's Ivan who wants a dick up his ass and Hans is eager to do some fucking!
Remember, Hans is versatile and wants to also get fucked. Now these guys like fucking each other and are flipping all over the
place! Next we meet Logan Moore and he has invited Viktor Rom and Gabriel Lunna back to his place (I think they will be
getting naked!). Their clothes are coming of really fast and Viktor is the first with his cock out and the guys are more than willing
to start sucking on it. Since the guys are nice they make sure that Logan's hole is juicy before they take turns fucking it. Once
Moore is ready, the guys double penetrate his ass and you are going to like it! Next we meet old friends Alex Brando and Santi
Noruera who want to see who has the bigger muscles (wink wink). Once Santi is down to his shorts it's Alex who is sucking on some
dick (you really want the sexy Alex to suck on your dick)! After some sucking it's time for Alex to do some butt munching... once
he thinks Santi's ass is moist enough he is doing some fucking. After watching these two in action you are going to want to find a
workout buddy to compare muscles with. Next Aitor Bravo is horny so what's a guy to do? Well Bravo invites fuck buddies Hugo
Arenes and John Rodriguez over. Once the guys arrive they start stripping one another's clothes off and start playing with and
sucking on their hard cocks. Aitor is the first to have a dick up his ass and Hugo has the lucky dick! Now it's fun to watch Hugo
fuck both his friends... one with his dick and the other with his tongue. Now this is one big fuck train with these guys and they
all had fun. Now we meet Lucas Fox who is at a carnival when he checks out Logan Moore and the guys go back to Fox's house
(shock). Logan is the one in this scene who gets fucked and Lucas is the lucky man who gets to fuck him. We then visit a hot party
at a private club and Antonio Micricle, Rick de Silver and Juanjo Rodriguez are invited! Once all three men meet and are turned
on by each other, they realize clothing is restricted (I don't think anyone cared). Rick moves in and starts sucking on both guys
cocks with gusto. Rick is hot for ass and Juanjo has just the ass for him to fuck. Now let's be honest, there is a lot of hot sex going
on and I am afraid I am going to mix the names up. I must say this is a must see!

 3.85 Stars!