Max in the City


Max in the City
2018. Falcon Studios
Directed by Tony DiMarco
Starring: Max Adonis, Skyy Knox , Dave Slick, Seth Santoro, Roman Todd, Lucas Leon, Tyler Roberts and Cade Maddox

Max Adonis is moving back to San Francisco after 10 years and it’s also been 10 years since he has seen buddy Seth
Santoro. After some chitchat and the guys saying how good the other looks, the guys start making out and shirts come off
before nipples are sucked. Santoro is really working on Adonis’ cock to get it hard (I think Santoro wants to get fucked).
Santoro is a dog in heat making sure Adonis’cock is hard but, to be nice, Adonis does suck on Santoro’s dick before he starts
munching on his ass (Santoro likes it… a lot) and then fucks Santoro. But do not fear – Adonis gets his turn to bounce on
Santoro’s cock. In another part of town, Roman Todd is renting a room from Lucas Leon. Todd leaves his door open while
he is only in his underwear when the kind Leon brings him a towel [laughs]. After Leon watches at the door for a while,
Todd invites him in to play which means Leon is on his knees sucking and, all I can think is, can I be the person who trims
Todd’s pubes? When Todd started butt-munching, there was no question Leon was getting fucked and, baby, he liked it.
Back with Max Adonis, we find out that he has ordered a pizza but when delivery guy Tyler Roberts shows up, Adonis finds
out he is short of cash – what’s a guy to do? Well, Roberts has an idea and it starts with getting his big dick sucked and ends
with them both getting off. Later, Adonis finally gets to meet one of his neighbors and he is lucky because it’s Skyy Knox.
Knox is friendly and he invites Adonis in, which means Adonis has Knox handprints on his ass, which leads to losing clothes
and Knox munching on some Adonis furry ass. It’s hot watching Adonis suck on Knox’s cock because Adonis has a finger
up his ass but it’s Adonis who is getting fucked. The fun part is the guys flip because Knox needs some dick up his ass also.
I am going to go all old-school and say it’s really nice to see the guys in a Falcon movie in Calvin Klein tighty-whities.

 3.9 Stars!