Matthew Bosch

(Photos Courtesy of Titan Men)

Tom Olah: Where did you grow up?
Matthew Bosch: I was born and raised in rural Northern California. It was a great place to grow up,
but not the kind of place you stuck around after high school.

TO: How did you first get into porn?
MB: I’ve always been shy when it comes to sex and things of that nature and I wanted to get out of
my comfort zone. I’ve always tended to be “all or nothing” and I figured no better way than porn to
get over any inhibitions that I had. I knew Jesse Jackman from playing flag football in Boston. He
introduced me to the guys at TitanMen.

TO: What was your first day on the set like?
MB: I was a complete bundle of nerves on my first day. Nick Prescott, my scene partner’s flight was
delayed. So we got done as much as we could without him. Luckily, Jasun Mark and the production
crew are amazing at what they do and made this completely new experience feel not so foreign. Once
Nick arrived, he jumped right into action like the professional that he is and rest was history. The scene
was a blast to film. By the end every worry that I accumulated had been eradicated.

TO: Were you a naked kid growing up?
MB: I was a pretty shy kid. I was raised pretty conservatively and didn’t get out of my shell until I was
much older.

TO: First time you had sex – was it a boy or a girl?
MB: I’m what some refer to as a “gold-star gay.” I was fortunate enough to know at a very early age
what I was attracted to and what I wasn’t. As a young teen, I was never sexually attracted to the female
figure, but those men in the underwear section of the J.C. Penney catalog though …

TO: What is the biggest misconception that people have about those who work in porn?
MB: That they are all drug-addicted, steroid-injecting narcissists. I live a relatively quiet life removed from
“the scene.” I have never had the desire to “party” or use steroids to change my appearance. I don’t obsess
over my body, but I was raised to have a healthy body image and take care of myself. I have no judgment
for my peers who engage in any of the aforementioned. I think as long as it doesn’t have a negative effect
on others, do whatever makes you happy, because life is just too short not to.

TO: I first saw you in “Cauke for President,” which was about a candidate who gets friendly. Was that enjoyable
for you to have fun with all those alleged moral people in politics?
MB: I find it absolutely fascinating that some of the most homophobic, anti-LGBT politicians are the ones
that have been caught engaged in homosexual behavior. There’s definitely some internalized self-loathing
going on there. When something as outlandish as this phenomenon, the only proper way to address it is to do
a parody. I hope that as time goes on, more politicians can be open and comfortable with their sexuality. But
in the meantime, I’ll have a little fun highlighting the absurdity of the situation.

TO: Is there any truth that “Cauke for President 2” will be coming out soon?
MB: Everything seems to get leaked online these days. TitanMen does a great job of keeping stuff under wraps
until it’s released. I guess we’ll both have to wait and see. Keep an eye open the first week of November, right
before the election!

TO: I just watched you in “Say Uncle.” All I could think was either you have changed your diet or you are really
doing a lot more sit-ups. Which is it?
MB: After seeing myself in “Cauke for President,” I was happy with my performance, but I saw room for
improvement. I’ve always had an extremely active lifestyle but didn’t always eat as healthy as I could have. I’m
a full-time student and was stress eating pizza four to five times a week and that had to change. I focused on eating
a bit cleaner and it’s done wonders; not only do I look better, I have more energy and my skin has even gotten clearer.

TO: Also, you are with the very sexy Bruce Beckham who is allegedly old enough to be your uncle. How old is the
oldest person you have been naked with?
MB: I don’t like to ask people’s age because it’s inconsequential to me, but I’ve had guys tell me that they have
children that are older than me, so that should give you some idea [laughs].

TO: On film, you are versatile. Who do you still want to fuck on film?
MB: I’ve had a crush on Adam Ramzi since I started with TitanMen. He’s an absolute stud and I’ve heard he’s a lot
of fun to work with.

TO: Who do you still want to fuck you?
MB: François Sagat. I’ve had a fanboy crush on him for longer than you can imagine, as I’m sure the vast majority
of your readers do. I never imagined many years ago that we would both be exclusives for the same studio.

TO: What is the best way for your fans to keep up with all things Matthew Bosch?
MB: I’m terrible at social media, however, I do have a Twitter account: @MatthewBoschXXX. And yes, it’s really
me that runs it, not the studio.

TO: I understand that you re-signed to once again be a TitanMen exclusive. What can we look forward to seeing you in?
MB: I’m so excited to have re-signed with TitanMen. I feel extremely fortunate to say that they are the first and last
studio I will ever film with. They have the best talent and are really making waves in this industry in terms of the
content they’re producing. You’ll definitely see me with some other TitanMen exclusives as well as some industry
newcomers that I can’t tell you about right now. 2016 has and will continue to be an action-packed year.

This article ran in the October 4, 2016 Issue of GRAB Magazine.