2012 Hot House Entertainment

Directed by Christen Owen
Starring: Dean Flynn, Trenton Ducati, Jimmy Durano, Ty Roderick, Even Mercy, Erin Sol and Parker Wright.
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

       Welcome back to gay porn Dean Flynn, and Hot House are the smart guys to get you! Dean Flynn looking all professional
in his doctors outfit has to help Trenton Ducati because ever since he was at a party last night he has a sore stomach and his butt
hurts. Dr. Flynn has to go looking to find what's wrong and finds a metal butt plug in his ass (laughing). All I want to say is that
I want to be a fly on the wall at that party. When Dr. Flynn says you have something lodged up your rectum (such professional
words) he has to be the good doctor and get it out. Dr. Flynn tells Ducati that to make this easier he will have to keep the erection
and to help Ducati Flynn sucks his dick and eats and fucks his ass once it comes out. I will share that the amount of cum that
comes out of Flynn is mind blowing and just more proof he has been gone too long. Ty Roderick, Evan Mercy and Edin Sol are
good nurses and have to clean up after Dr. Flynn who always leaves a mess (wink, wink). While Roderick has an emergency and
has to leave, Mercy and Sol get started and find Flynn's trophy case of things that have been found up guys butts and Mercy talks
Sol into trying them out! Now surprise surprise Rodrick comes back and shows the boys how it's really done. The trick that I like
when Mercy was fucking Sol is Rodrick gets a dildo out and double fucks Sol. Well Rodrick is a little bit mad at Dr. Flynn and
wants his dick up his ass and wants it bad. Last but not least we have Dr. Durono (are all the doctors in this movie big dicked tops?)
who has Parker Wright pee in a cup and while Durano leaves the room Wright drinks the pee. Durono thinks something is wrong
and has to help him because Wright can't get an erection (wink) and need the doctor's help! Director Ownes has enetertained us
with some humor and some hot sex.
 3.9 Stars!