MXXX The Hardest Ride


MXXX The Hardest Ride
2017. NakedSword
Directed by mr.Pam
Starring Tom Faulk, Brent Corrigan, JJ Knight, Ryan Rose, Johnny V, Sean Duran, Gabriel Alanzo, Pheonix Fellington,
and Axle Rose

   So here is the deal: Life is cool for Tom Faulk. He spends his days drinking beer, smoking pot, driving his bike with his
Motocross buddies, pulling stunts, jumping, tearing up the grounds of his uncle’s ranch with dreams of going pro. After a
few drinks, this really skanky chick challenges Faulk to make out with Sean Duran (like they need challenge). We all know
that kissing leads to dick sucking, ball licking, eventually some 69ing and finally ass eating. Faulk is the one doing the fucking
but I just want to know why Duran happened to have a bottle of Swiss Navy lube on him. Now all the other guys are doing
some riding and celebrating. We find Ryan Rose and Pheonix Fellington go off riding together and once they stop, they are
making out. That is followed by the guys taking each other’s clothes off. Fellington is the first on his knees, sucking on some
Rose dick and then Rose does some really hot ass eating. We all know that means Rose will be doing some ass fucking. Back
in town, we find probation officer (we know this because it says so on his jacket) Johnny V, when a bunch of the guys go
riding by on their bikes when Gabriel Alanzo knocks the coffee out of Johnny V’s hand. Johnny is not happy and goes after
him. Johnny V catches him and after scaring the crap out of him, he starts stripping off his clothes and starts sucking on his
dick (nice probation officer). Once Johnny V starts eating ass, it’s just a matter of time until Johnny starts stripping down
and Johnny's dick is up his ass (must say, I like Johnny V as a top). Back at the house, it’s Brent Corrigan on his knees, sucking
on JJ Knight’s dick, but don’t worry. The guys take turns sucking on each other’s dicks. Once Knight starts playing with
Corrigan’s ass, we all know it’s a matter of time until Knight’s big dick is up Corrigan’s hot ass. What’s hot about this real-life
couple is that they flip and it’s Corrigans turn to fuck Knights ass.

 3.85 Stars!