Love & Lust in New Orleans


Love & Lust in New Orleans
2017. Falcon Studios
Directed by Chi Chi LaRue and Tony DiMarco
Starring Skyy Knox, Sean Zevran, JJ Knight, Brent Corrigan, Pierce Paris, Kurtis Wolfe, Wesley Woods, Tyler Roberts,
Michael DelRay and Cooper Dang

   Have you ever been to New Orleans? The bars are packed and never close, plus there are a lot of horny guys. After a long
day of sightseeing, Wesley Woods and his boyfriend Tyler Roberts [wink-wink] go back to their hotel room. Roberts takes a
bath and is having fun with his erect dick when Woods joins him in the bathroom and also wants to play with his hard dick.
Woods joins Roberts in the tub for some dick-sucking before all his clothes come off. Roberts might be the first one having
his butt munched on but it’s Woods to have a dick in his ass. Once Woods gets used to Roberts’ big dick up his ass, he is like
a bouncy toy on Roberts dick. In another part of town, we find Sean Zevran having fun swimming and pulls Cooper Dang in
with him before they go back in the house for some naked fun. Since I have heard Dang is Zevran’s type in his real life, I
understand why he looks like he is having so much fun fucking Dang. In the next scene, it makes me so happy to see that it’s
raining because it always rains when I go to NOLA but we find and Michael DelRay all wet when they go back to their house
for some kitchen sex (it’s been so long since I had kitchen sex). Knox does an amazing trick while he gets his ass eaten but watch
to see the dripping pre-cum. It’s Knox (power-bottom) who gets fucked over the countertop [shocked face] and on the countertop.
In another part of town, we find Kurtis Wolfe skinnydipping with Wesley Woods. (Tramp, where is his boyfriend?) It’s no shock
when it’s time for dick-sucking and ass-eating that the guys are hard as a rock, but it’s Woods who shoots a major load in Wolfe’s
mouth. Next we find JJ Knight and Pierce Paris (my new porn star boyfriend) on a carriage ride through NOLA. The next
morning, we find the guys waking up in bed and Paris has a major hard-on and wakes Knight up with a hand-job before he starts
sucking Knights dick (I want someone to wake me up that way). After some hot dick-sucking on each other, it’s an even better 69
time. Once Knight starts playing with and munching on Paris’ ass, we know who will do the fucking; I have to say I am impressed
how fast Knight’s big cock went up Paris’ ass. After a hot night on the town, Brent Corrigan and Wesley Woods go back to their
hotel room and Corrigan is hot and bothered, eager to get naked. Corrigan is the first one naked and Wolfe is sucking his dick.
When Wolfe starts playing with Corrigan’s ass (everyone wants a shot at Corrigan’s amazing ass) and has an amazing time
fucking it. It’s great to see the stars wearing old-school Calvin Klein underwear again. FYI, this is a hot movie!

  3.9 Stars!