Looking for the Big One


Looking for the Big One
2017. Falcon Studios
Directed by Tony DiMarco
Starring JJ Knight, Alex Mecum, Roman Todd, Pierce Paris, Michael Delray, Addison Blue, Casey Jacks, Tyler Roberts,
and Dane Stewart

   Readers, we have had fall/winter for a couple of weeks now. Are you ready for a warm vacation? Well, I am and a bunch
of hot sexy surfers is just what I need. So this movie starts with hot, sexy men and surfboards, followed by some roughhousing
and finally skinny-dipping; that makes me happy. The first scene is with the big-dicked JJ Knight (he has a Grabby for that hot
cock) and the adorable Addison Blue coming in and starting out with a hot make-out scene. Let’s just say I really feel that Knight
has the hots for Blue because Knight has Blue sucking on his hard cock in record time. Knight goes from sucking Blue’s dick to
eating his ass because he wants a piece of Blue’s ass. When Knight shoots his load, he has an amazing amount of cum shooting
from his dick. In another room, we find Pierce Paris (cover model) and Michael Delray (cute twink) who is grabbing on some Paris
dick like a man. When Delray starts sucking on Paris’ dick, what I notice is that Delray has talent when sucking dick and Paris has
a nice dick. Readers, I have to say that I am surprised when it’s Delray doing the fucking. But it is hot seeing the boy fucking the
man; don’t worry, they flip. Outside, JJ Knight (he is friendly in this movie) is taking off his wetsuit when he runs into Casey Jacks
who likes what he sees and wants a piece of some Knight cock. After Jacks get done sucking on Knights dick, he gets naked and it’s
Knight’s turn to suck Jacks’ dick. Watching this hot scene, all I could think of was when was the last time I had a car blowjob? Back
in the house, we find Jacks (oh, to be young again) with Alex Mecum who starts making out on a balcony (love outdoor sex) and after
some humping and bumping, it’s Mecum getting naked and his dick sucked first. It’s Mecum doing the fucking and what I thought
of is that Jacks really knows how to ride a cock. After a day of surfing, Dane Stewart and Tyler Roberts are relaxing on the couch
watching football when Roman Todd comes in and sits in the middle between them. Roman notices Stewart is watching porn on his
phone and decides watching porn is much more fun than football. Well, Roman grabs a buddy’s crotch and all three are hard and
naked. Roberts likes what he sees and starts sucking some dick and is the first to suck Todd’s dick. This is a very hot scene; I suggest
you watch the movie because that is all I am going to share.

  3.9 Stars!