London Spunked


London Spunked
2013 Channel 1 Releasing
Directed by: Chi Chi LaRue
Starring: Johnny Hazzard, J.P. Dubois, Issac Jones, Taylor Scott, Harley Everett, Marco Sessions, Leo Domenico and Sam Barclay

(Condoms used for all penetration.)

Director Chi Chi LaRue is on vacation in London and took old friend Johnny Hazzard with! This movie starts with the very sexy
and beefy Hazzard and Issac Jones and let's just say Jones wants Hazzard's hole and Hazzard wants to give it. When you are checking
out Jones' body, make sure you see the Made in France tattoo and watch the cum bath Hazzard receives. After they are done, Hazzard
wants to do some sightseeing (make sure you watch for the Ron Jeremy cut out). Now we go to either a sex club or one hell of a friendly
gym because we get to see Sam Barclay alone and whacking off, that is until the thick cock of Leo Domenico comes in and sticks his erect
cock in Barclay's mouth (I need a gym like this). After some hot sex you will be impressed by the cum bath that Barclay receives. Back in
he sex club we have our first sighting of the manly Harley Everett, and this man is muscular and beefy with a foreskin that he likes to play
with. After watching a couple and playing with himself, Everett goes and joins Marco Sessions and J.P. Dubois in a hot three way. Now
with the way Dubois is getting his ass eaten and the fingers up his ass, do I have to tell you who is the first to have a dick up his ass? Everett
is the lucky man to be doing the first fucking. The next trick should not be tried at home because you might get hurt (but it is VERY hot).
Everett sits down dick up and Dubois sits on it. Now comes Sessions who sits on Dubois' hard of difficulty: 9.75. Johnny Hazzard
is still out sightseeing and keeps seeing this one stranger over and over again, but goes back to the flat he is staying at and joins his friend in
 bed. Surprise, it's the stranger he has been seeing all day...the sexy Taylor Scott. This time after some dick sucking and ass eating, it's time for
Hazzard to do the fucking (and I have to say Hazzard's ass is hot while pounding Scott's ass). This movie has hot men and more foreskin than
I have seen in a long time.

 3.9 Stars!