Like Father...Like Son

Like Father...Like Son
2015. Titanmen

Directed by Jasun Mark
Starring: David Anthony, Caleb King, Casey Williams and Luke Adams
    This movie starts with two sons Caleb King and Luke Adams in bed and naked sucking on each other. Well daddy Casey
Williams comes home and the boys put their shorts on fast. We find out that Caleb King thinks daddy Williams is hot. We also
find out that Adams has forgotten his gym bag so his dad, David Anthony, brings it to Williams' house. In the meantime, the
daddies find out they like each other and get naked. The fun starts when the boys come home and see their dads ass munching
and what is a good son to do... watch! While the boys are watching they are also jacking off together (very hot) and bet each
other if they can get each other's dad naked. First up is King and he finds out that daddy Williams knows the boys were watching
the daddies fuck and wants to know if he wants to. Williams enjoys taking his son's friends ass, but the fun starts when they flip.
Now it's Adams' turn to get his friend's daddy and lucky for him Anthony has an outdoor shower and is using it when Adams
comes over. Lucky for Adams because outdoor showers lead to indoor sex. This all sounds like an episode of Jerry Springer
but it's hot!

 3.9 Stars!