Liam Riley   

Tom Olah: What kind of kid were you growing up?
Liam Riley: I was very troublesome. I was witty and sharp with my tongue (much like I am today), which was easy to get me out of
trouble – especially when I bat my eyelashes. I was pretty much your average gay kid growing up. I loved hanging out with girls and very
much a social bug.

TO: Were you a naked kid?
LR: I was way shy when it came to my body, but I did love wearing my grandpa’s super long shirts with just my little tighty whities.

TO: Was the first person you had sex with a boy or a girl?
LR: My first time having sex was with a guy. I’ve actually never had any sexual experiences with a girl.

TO: How and why did you first get into porn?
LR: I first got involved in porn because of my porn crush. I really wanted to get to work with him and know him. We flirted online a bit
on Twitter and, later that month, I ended up filming my first scene with him.

TO: What was your first day on a porn set like, and who was your scene partner?
LR: It was nerve-racking but so exciting. I remember just having a million butterflies. It wasn’t because I was nervous. I was gonna be
filming myself having sex for the first time, but it was because it was someone I had a major crush on and obsession with. It was fairly
simple. My first scene: It was real cam, which was a “homemade” kind of scene with GoPros around the room and a handheld camera.
It was with Evan Parker from Helix Studios. It was the first scene I ever filmed, but it was released four scenes later when I first started
in the industry.

TO: Who do you still want as a scene partner?
LR: I still have a few scene partners that I would love to work with – even models who aren’t at our studio. There’s so many models I
respect and look up to as role models in a sense. At the top of my list would definitely have to be Colby Keller.

TO: How did you first get together with Jake Jaxson and Cockyboys?
LR: I met Jake Jaxson multiple times in brief encounters when I would visit New York. It wasn’t until New York Pride of 2014 when we
had an actual conversation, where he told me that he had so many ideas and expressed how much he would love to work with me. I was
so star-struck and flattered that he saw something in me. Later that month, I emailed him that I would love to accept the offer if it was
still there. Later the next month, I moved my whole life to New York City; my life forever changed.

TO: Did you have fun at the 2015 Grabbys?
LR: I had so much fun at the Grabbys. It was my first time ever, because the year before, I wasn’t old enough. It’s refreshing to see
everyone in the industry and so many familiar faces. Everyone was so sweet. It’s a fun time for the Cockyboys’ fan base and us as a
family to celebrate our hard work for the year. It was a magical night.

TO: Where do you keep your Grabby?
LR: My Grabby sleeps next to me on my bedside table. It’s such an accomplishment that I’m so proud of every day – it’s definitely an honor.

TO: I understand you are just finishing “Meeting Liam.” What can you tell us about the movie?
LR: The movie is unbelievable. I can’t wait to see the finished product. It’s a lot. I’m so proud of this movie, and I can honestly say it’s my
best yet: The meaning of the movie and showing the details in our character’s personalities. Jake Jaxson is a genius and I think he really did
put his heart into this project. The entire crew from production and the office, our whole company was so hands-on. It’s a lot of love from
Cockyboys. My fellow co-stars gave their all in performance. I love this movie.

TO: When will “Meeting Liam” be out?
LR: All four parts are now available now on

TO: What else can we look forward to seeing you in this year?
LR: This year, and the last few months, have been so hectic and busy. Definitely expect to see me in “Another RoadStrip,” “Meet the
Morecocks,” and our newest project, “All Saints.”

TO: What is the best way to keep up with all things Liam?
LR: [Laughing] The best way to keep up with me is in person, but most people can also find me on Twitter and Instagram, @liamrileycb

This article ran in the November 17, 2015 Issue of GRAB Magazine.