2014 Channel 1 Releasing

Directed by Chi Chi LaRue
Starring: David Benjamin, Logan Vaughn, Johnny Hazzard, Tony Orion
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

    Logan Vaughn has been restrained and Johnny Hazzard is in control. Hazzard likes to tease and taunt Vaughn but when
he starts licking and sucking on Vaughns balls you might cum a little. You might cum a lot when Hazzard starts eating Vaughn's
ass. After sucking on each other's dicks, Vaughn is in the sling which we know means he is getting fucked, and baby does Hazzard
have a lot of fun fucking Vaughn. Readers, if you are in a jock strap and in a room alone laying in a sling what do you do? Well if
you are like everyone on earth and Brett Bradley, you start playing with yourself and you are really going to like Bradley's dick as
much as he does. Next is Sean Duran in a leather store checking things out and really enjoying the smell because in no time he is
hard and playing with his dick, but the nosey Tony Orion is in the background watching (good pig). Did I mention that Orion is
rubbing one out while he is watching (HOT). After they finally notice each other, their leather jock straps are off and Orion is fucking
Duran. Next up we have David Benjamin (last week's cover model of GRAB) and James Hamilton. After they lick and spit on and in
each other and eating each other's ass holes, it's time for Benjamin to get Hamilton's dick up his ass (  would have liked it better if
Benjamin was doing the fucking). Brett Bradley is back for a third time on the sling and playing with his very nice dick and I am
happy to say that he does cum in a very good way.
 3.75 Stars!