Last Summer In Greece


Last Summer In Greece
2016. Bel Ami
Directed by Marty Stevens
Starring: Hoyt Kogan, Thorsten Ullman, Helmut Huxley, Jerome Exupery, Marcel Gassion, Adam Archulets, Robin
Michaux, Brian Jovovich, Roald Ekberg and Marc Ruffalo

Three friends (Helmut Huxley, Jerome Exupery and Hoyt Kogan) are on holiday in Greece, and while on the beach they
find six guys playing naked rugby. After the rugby players (Marcel Gassion, Adam Archulets, Robin Michaux, Brian
Jovovich, Roald Ekberg and Marc Ruffalo) are done playing, they go inside and have an orgy! Well Huxley, Exupery and
Kogan are nosy boys and sneak up to the house and watch. They get so turned on watching they go back to their room and
get each other naked, which means some sucking, licking, kissing, and Huxley is the first to have the guys sucking on his dick.
Exupery is the first to have someone munch on his ass and to have a dick up his ass. After all the guys cum they take a shower
together, Exupery is still hard so they go for round 2 (to be young again for that quick recovery time!). For round 2 the guys
take turns fucking Huxley. After all this sex they decide to go to the beach and sun their naked asses, but Kogan spots a naked
sailor better known as Thorsten Ullman. Sneaky Kogan sends the guys up to get drinks and sends them ahead. The still naked
Kogan goes to meet the naked sailor, and after some chitchat they go back to Ullman's room and get to business! Since Kogan
still has not been fucked on this day, I am happy to tell you he gets fucked first... but this happy couple flips. After Ullman and
Kogan have sex they go for a drink which is where Exupery and Huxley and the guys tell Kogan that their friend George needs
to talk with him ASAP, so Kogan leaves his new sailor with his friends. Well Exupery and Huxley like new friends and ask
Ullman back to their place to wait for Kogan. This is where it gets shady because Exupery and Huxley get Ullman naked and
everyone takes turns fucking everyone! Later that night the guys (Kogan, Exupery and Huxley) have to go shopping because
they have a fancy party to attend (and FYI Bel Ami guys don't waste time with underwear). To get revenge, Kogan says he'll
pay for the new clothes and leaves the guys with their old clothes and no way to pay for new clothes so they can't go to the party.
While roaming the streets with everyone's clothes, Kogan runs into Adam Archulets and they seem to get along. Archulets says
he would like to see how the new clothes look on him and they can go back to his room to try them on (code of lets fuck?). The
guys go back to Archulets' room (forget about the clothes!) and Archulets fucks the shit out of Kogan! After watching this movie,
all I could think was how nice it is to be young with such a fast recovery time... boy do these guys cum a lot!

 3.9 Stars!