Knockouts & Takedowns


Knockouts & Takedowns
2012 JOCKS

Directed by Andrew Rosen
Starring:  Jimmy Fanz, Spenser Fox, Dylan Roberts, Evan Mercy, Michael Keys, Tucker Phillman and Devin Adams
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

       The movie starts in a boxing ring with Jimmy Fanz in his wrestling togs (not for long) and Evan Mercy in his jock. You
will want to see this scene because they do a very sexy and interesting 69 position that includes the ring as a helpful prop.
Spencer Fox has a problem...he has an erection and has to go out and wrestle. Well the good friend that Dylan Roberts is, he
volunteers to jack him off (I need one of these friends). We all know the jacking leads to sucking and sucking then to fucking
and lets just say that Fox's big dick finds a home up Roberts' butt. The good friend that Fox is he lets Roberts put his dick up
Fox's ass. With all these boxers and wrestlers you know we are going to need a coach, and the man for this job is Tucker
Phillman. The lucky man to get fucked over his desk is Jimmy Fanz. You have to find the humor in a scene when a guy is getting
fucked on his coach's desk with the American flag in the background. After watching this movie you are going to want to find a
boxing ring to get naked in because a boxing ring will teach you new tricks.
 3.75 Stars!