Kings of New York


Kings of New York
2013 Lucas Entertainment

Directed by Marc MacNamera
Starring:  Jessy Ares, Landon Conrad, Vito Gallo, Rod Daily, Mitchell Rock, Adam Killian, D.O, Trenton Ducati, and Brice Banyan
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

      This movie is going to be hard to review because so much is going's sassy, campy and very sexy! Plus, you get guest
 stars like Andy Dick, Lady Bunny and Derek Saathoff (A-List), so I am going to give the highlights. First we have the very sexy
 Jessy Ares singing (YES for real) and all I can say is if he wants to sing at the 2014 Grabbys he is welcome. Now Ares should win
 the talent contest with his song "Striptease" but to guarantee things he takes the bar owner in back and gets naked. What I mean
by that is ass eating, foot sucking and Ares fucking Landon Conrad. Conrad only sometimes plays bottom, but with Ares it's very
hot! This next scene is worth the price of the movie as Andy Dick (yes from "Dancing With the Stars") and his wife Lady Bunny
and their need for chef's. Will it be Vito Gallo or Rod Daily? So once Bunny and Andy leave, we all know that means it's time for
Rod and Vito to get naked. Let's just say Rod is sucking the chrome off a bumper (oh I mean Vito's dick). When we get to Dr. Adam
Killian and his guest D.O., all you will think is get these two naked and make them fuck. Well we know D.O.'s past and he is always
doing the fucking, but since he has been with Lucas Entertainment, D.O. has been a bottom boy and he is once again. And let's just say
these are two dogs in heat and you will like it! The reality is that Killian is a pig and he likes to give and he likes to get, and D.O. still
 knows how to fuck a boy known as Killian. This movie is hot, sexy and has some of the best guest appearances that you will ever see in
a gay porn.
 3.9 Stars!