Just One Night


Just One Night
2017. Cockyboys
Directed by Jakie Jackson and RJ Sebastian
Starring Sean Zevran, Levi Karter, Jacen Zhu, Allen King, Calvin Banks, Boomer Banks, Taylor Reign and Michael DelRay

In New York City, the nightlife is always booming and the people are always on the go. The movie starts when we find
Levi Karter in bed with his boyfriend but he has the itch (the good itch) to go out and play. After running into friends and
grabbing a shot, he grabs a train to find another club (Museum of Sex) and more friends and we find Levi flirting and kissing
on Sean Zevran. The guys go on a tour and we find them in them in the bouncy boob room (you have to see it to believe it)
and they are wrestling but Levi leaves. When Levi goes home, we find out that Zevran was the guy he left in bed because Zevran
is waiting in bed for Levi and is ready to go. After Levi is done sucking on Zevran’s dick. It’s Levi having his butt munched
on; it’s no surprise when Zevran starts fucking Levi, I just want to know how the condom magically appeared on Zevran’s
dick. Back at the Museum of Sex, we find Calvin Banks and he is not finding anyone to play with; he goes home on the train
when he finds Allen King and after a little wink-wink, King follows Banks off the train. Banks gets in is car and King follows
him and after some driving, Banks pulls to a deserted road and the guys get out and after some humping and bumping, it’s
King on his knees sucking dick. So Banks is the one doing the fucking but the guys flip and it’s King’s turn and FYI, its hot!
When Boomer Banks leaves the club, he takes a walk through the park where he finds Michael DelRay and takes him to a
rooftop (yay – outdoor sex) so they can get naked. After Boomer sucks DelRay’s dick and munches on his ass. they go inside
to Boomer’s apartment. I am surprised when DelRay fucks Boomer but it is the year of the flip and Banks takes his turn and
fucks Del Ray. This is an interesting movie and I recommend you check it out.

 3.9 Stars!