Just Love


Just Love
2016. Cockyboys
Directed by Jake Jaxson
Starring: Boomer Banks, Carter Dane, Jimmy Durano, Levi Carter and Ricky Roman

On a private island off of Puerto Rico the cast of this movie are talking about sex, loving themselves and a pornstar's
guide to sexual freedom. Boomer Banks is hanging out his window when he see's Ricky Roman swimming in the pool.
Well Roman likes what he see's and flirts with Banks to get him to come down and play. Banks, being the friendly guy he
is, leaves Carter Dane alone in the room (REALLY?) to go join Roman in the pool. Roman gets Banks naked and starts
sucking on Banks' big dick (all I could think was good luck with that, gurl)! Banks starts munching on Roman's ass and
does a good job because Roman is going to need some help loosening up if Banks wants him to sit on his dick. After we get
to know Carter Dane and Jimmy Durano a little better, we watch them play along the coastline before they go back to their
house and start kissing. Kissing leads to nipple sucking (they both have great nips), which leads to Durano getting hard and
Dane needing a taste test. After the guys do a strong man's 69 (watch to movie to understand), it's time and the very proud
bottom is taking Durano cock with gusto! In a different scene we watch a very naked Dane (what an ass) join a naked Banks
in bed. After a nap we have Banks waking Dane up with his hands (do it to me Boomer!). We learn that Dane is a tease with
his ass, and after the guys take turns sucking each other's dicks it's no surprise when power-bottom Dane takes Banks' large
cock up his ass. Back on the beach we find Levi Karter, Carter Dane and Jimmy Durano playing around and putting their
flippers on to go snorkeling. Then back to the house where Karter finds Durano and Dane in the shower playing, and Karter
likes what he see's so much that he joins them. They all move out to the pool area where there is a really good chair that's made
for sex, so we get to see lots of kissing, sucking and fucking.

 3.9 Stars!