Jock Doc


Jock Doc
2018. Hot House Video
Directed by Chi Chi LaRue
Starring Woody Fox, Ryan Rose, Skyy Knox, Jack Hunter, Pierce Paris, Alex Mecum, Danny Gunn and Dean Monroe

If you are reading this, I am putting money on the fact that you have had something of locker room/jock fantasy. When
we find Jack Hunter and Woody Fox (why the haircut, Woody?) playing soccer and Hunter goes down, we all know that
Fox is going to help him to the locker room [wink-wink]. Once in the locker room, Hunter puts the moves on Fox and the
guys start making out. That means clothes are coming off and the guys start licking each other. Fox is the first one to get his
dick sucked, but when Fox starts munching on Hunter’s ass, we all know it’s Hunter who is getting fucked. I don’t know
what it is but when Hunter sits on a dick, it’s just really hot watching his hard, large cock bouncing up and down. After the
guys leave the locker room, we have Danny Gunn come in and let’s just say he likes the smell of a used jockstrap. When
Coach Ryan Rose comes in and catches Gunn rubbing one out while having a jock sniff, we find out the Rose likes the smell
of a used jock and joins in. Good pig that Gunn is, he has to sniff and taste on some Rose jock also; we know Rose likes this
because he is hard as a rock! In my mind, there was no question when Rose started eating ass (he really eats some good ass). 
Rose was going to be the one fucking and let’s say he fucks him every which way from Sunday. When we find the hot and
hunky Pierce Paris, he has hurt his shoulder and nurse Dean Monroe wants to help make it better. Monroe seems to like the
smell of Paris because he has to kiss it off his neck and it sure seems to make Paris feel better. Nurse Monroe gives a thorough
exam that means a taste test on some Paris dick. Paris might be the first to get his ass munched on but it’s Monroe who has
some big Paris dick up his ass first. So it is funny when Dr. Alex Mecum walks in and finds Paris and Monroe naked and
covered in cum. Back in his office, Dr. Mecum is with patient Skyy Knox who is being examined. Knox is about to get a clean
bill of health when Knox insists on an anal exam (me thinks Knox likes Mecum) and both the patient and the doctor seem to
be enjoying the exam. It takes a while but Knox finally starts getting Mecum naked and after the guys take turns sucking and
licking each other. It’s Knox who gets fucked first but it is the year of the flip. Then Knox takes his turn and fucks Mecum (ok
– pounds).
 3.9 Stars!