Jimmy Fanz

Tom Olah: Why did you get into porn?
Jimmy Fanz: Well, it was something I had always wanted to do. As a kid watching porn, I fantasized that
I would be doing this some day.

T.O: First person you had sex with – was it a boy or a girl?
J.F: The first person I had sex with was a woman. I’m not ashamed.

T.O: Are you a boxer or brief kind of guy?
J.F: [Laughs] Briefs!

T.O: What was your first day on a porn set like?
J.F: I remember being nervous and excited, all wrapped into this one moment just to find out I had a calling
in porn.

T.O: What did your friends say when you got into porn?
J.F: Most were excited for me, and that it really figured I’d be a porn star some day. A few were a bit disgusted
with my career choice.

T.O: In the world that we live in now, can I assume your family knows you are doing porn?
J.F: Yes, everyone in my family is aware. Sometimes amongst the family, it’s a bit of a joke. At the same time,
they love me all the same.

T.O: If you are going to do porn, you usually have to be in good shape. What is your workout routine like?
J.F: Lately I’ve been playing lots of tennis. And I stay active as much as possible, lifting weights and eating

T.O: Do you have a fantasy porn star you still want to work with?
J.F: Darius Fredynand.

T.O: Since you are co-hosting at the 2015 Grabbys, which of your past co-stars would you like to work with
again and why?
J.F: Mitch Vaughn. He was always one of my favorites. Grabby hosts, Ryan Rose is like my big brother (older
brother FYI). A scene with him would be just weird and Billy Santoro is like me in 15 years [laughs]. That would
be kind of funny. Boomer is a man I look up to and respect. He has taught and guided me a lot.

T.O: How many movies have you made so far?
J.F: My goodness. I’ve actually lost count.

T.O: What can we look forward to be seeing you in this year?
J.F: Stay tuned at men.com and expect some new scenes to be coming to you soon.

T.O: Best way to keep up with all things Jimmy Fanz?
J.F: Follow me on Twitter @jimmyfanz.

This article ran in the May 19, 2015 Issue of GRAB Magazine.