James Castel  Photos Courtesy of  www.KristenBjorn.com

Tom Olah:  So how does a nice boy from the UK meet the Kristen Bjorn people and get into porn?
James Castel:  Who said anything about me being a nice boy? I was living a somewhat mundane life working in
finance in a Bristol, UK office and after coming to the conclusion that my office resembled Gods waiting room a
little too much for my liking I decided it was time for something more exciting.  There’s always been something in
the back of my mind saying “go on, do it, do it” and finally I did do it. I contacted a handful of well known studios
and following my audition with KB I was offered exclusivity which I would’ve been a fool to turn down.
T.O:  I hope I’m not being rude but boys from the United Kingdom are not known for having 8.5”. Was it fun to be
the big guy on campus in high school?
J.C:  I’m laughing because we say something very similar about guys in the States. Someone needs to put these rumours
to bed on both sides of the pond. I can definitely help with that! Was it fun to be the big guy on campus? Being the closet
gay on campus I made sure I kept myself to myself when I was in the locker rooms (sorry to squash any locker room fantasies,
guys) so I can’t say the size of the family jewels  was common knowledge but as an early bloomer, having a big cock in a
school uniform certainly comes with its challenges. Remember the hard on you’d get out of nowhere? This is when the
one-hand-in-pocket technique came in handy (excuse the pun). Of course, sometimes you don’t have a free hand. Ever tried
to begin unboarding a busy, moving school bus with one hand? Not possible. This is when the move-schoolbag-to-crotch
maneuver really came into its own.
T.O:  Was the first person you had sex with a boy or a girl?
J.C:  Girl. I was 15. You can blame my brother for this. I knew I was gay from a very early age, 9 years old, but when I
started secondary school (high school) my brother was a very well known guy so everyone immediately knew who I was.
He liked the ladies, loved sport and was very popular so I had some big shoes to fill. I can’t say I was happy about it but
mimicking my older brothers behaviour certainly got me through school in once piece.
T.O:  Are you a boxer or a brief guy?
J.C:  Briefs, for sure. I like everything kept in one place… plus, ones bulge is always a lot more impressive in briefs!
T.O:  I know you’re new to gay porn but do you have a fantasy pornstar you’d like to get naked with?
J.C:  Liam Magnuson. He’s my kind of guy in and out of the bedroom. WOOF!
T.O:  Does your family know about your new porn career?
J.C:  So, as she is one of my best friends I told my sister. My sister then told my dad. She claims it just “slipped out”
(story of my life!) but dad messaged me to say that work is work and he’s OK with it so no harm done. As far as I know,
the rest of my family is unaware. Then again, my sister just spent the weekend with my mum and stepdad!

T.O:  What did your friends say when you first started doing porn?
J.C:  My friends are all incredible people so I never doubted for one second that they would offer anything but support. I
explained my reasons to them one by one and they were all great and extremely understanding. One in particular thought it
was hilarious. Cookie, as she is known to her nearest and dearest, messaged me whilst having a bad day and said she needed
a “James story” to cheer her up. Not one to disappoint, I immediately Skyped her to tell her my news and watched her fall
about laughing whilst saying “I don’t know why I am surprised. This is YOU we are talking about”. I’m sure that was a
compliment. Right, Cookie? My best friend, Jess, literally screamed with pride when I phoned to tell her that Kristen Bjorn
had offered me exclusivity! LOVE YOU JESS!
T.O:  So what was your first day on a porn set like?
J.C:  I’ve never really been one to be nervous but I was definitely excited. I like to think that I took it like a fish in water but
you’d have to ask the director about that one! I really enjoyed it. My audition scene was with a really lovely actor, Rainer, and
it was a really great introduction to something I had been thinking of for quite a while. It was definitely the calm before the
storm though as no other scene has been quite so easy…!
T.O:  I understand you have a few more movies coming out. What can we expect to see you in?
J.C:  I’ve shot 6 scenes with Kristen Bjorn so far, 7 if you include the audition. There’s something for everybody. I’m a “tourist”
in Barcelona and keep finding myself in particularly sticky situations with hot guys. My favourite scene so far has to be when I was
“mugged” by two particularly sexy Latino muggers. Let’s just say they didn’t give my phone back willingly…!

T.O:  Any chance James Castle will be coming to the States soon?
J.C:  I’ve set aside the next 2 years for me, myself and I. I want to see the world, have fun and smile as much as I can. My contract
with KB is until April 2015 and after that I plan on moving to LA to see what the States has to offer. So you can definitely expect to
see me around next year. So, message for the Housewives of Beverly Hills - lock up your sons.
T.O:  After this interview comes out, you will have more American fans. How can they keep up with you?
J.C:  I can be found on Facebook under James Castle KB and also Twitter under James___Castle.

This article ran in the July 1, 2014 Issue of GRAB Magazine.