Jail Break

2015. Titanmen

Directed by Jasun Mark
Starring: Jesse Jackman, Hunter Marx, Eric Nero, Tommy Defendi, Drake Jayden and Brendan Patrick
We start with a prisoner, Drake Jayden, who has some info and the guard, Hunter Marx, will make it worth it. This means
Jayden gets to suck dick and have Marx's dick up his bum. Now the men have escaped prison and prisoners Brendan Patrick
and Tommy Defendi have found the same hiding place. After the introd-uctions, Patrick is horny and in record time he's naked
and on his knees sucking on Defendi's big ol' dick and gets a golden shower in the process, followed by a good fucking. Then
prisoner Eric Nero is on the run and guard Jesse Jackman catches him, but before Jackman brings him in, Nero is on his knees
and sucking on some Jackman dick in the woods. Luckily they don't get busted, so after sucking on each other it's Jackman who
is fucking Nero every which way but Sunday. If you like old school Titan movies you are not going to like this movie... you are
going to love it!

 3.9 Stars!