2014 Falcon

Directed by Nick Foxx
Starring: Brent Corrigan, Ryan Rose, Brian Bonds, Sean Zeveran, Nick Sterling, Josh Conners and Brenner Bolton

    This is the first movie that Brent Corrigan did when he returned to Falcon, and I have so say I am looking forward to this
review (and sorry it took so long for me to get it to you). So if you have ever gone to the gym and are reading this review 
you have probably had a gym/locker room fantasy. This movie starts with Brent Corrigan and Sean Zeveran in jock straps
in the looker room making out (I think I'm hard already). This movie has only been on for a few seconds and I can tell Zeveran
is going to make Corrigan his bitch boy and it's going to be hot! After Zeveran gets done fucking Corrigan, the load that is shot
on Corrigan's face is just amazing. Next up we have Ryan Rose (who has been working out) jacking off in the locker room and
Brenner Bolton catches him and helps him out by going down on him. When Rose starts playing with Bolton's butthole we know
who is getting fucked. And when it's time to sit on Rose's dick I can say I am impressed by Bolton because he is hard as a rock
and just bouncing on Rose's dick (it's just hot). After watching Rose and Bolton fuck, all I can think is that Bolton really likes to
sit on a dick and I really like watching it! Last, but not least, we have Brian Bonds and Brent Corrigan and after they get done
sucking on each other they break out the exercise ball (it makes it easier to eat Corrigan's ass). Bonds looks like he had a blast
fucking Corrigan you will also!
 3.85 Stars!