Jack Hunter

(Photos Courtesy of Falcon Studios)
Tom Olah: How did you first get into porn?
Jack Hunter: I did my first amateur scene with Harlem Hookups (the owner was
living in my hometown at the time) and then I was on tour with Jason Sparks Live
for a couple months, and then I signed with Pure Casting.

TO: What was your first day on the set like, and who was your first scene partner?
JH: My first day on set, I was pretty nervous, and we had a few hiccups, but I think
in the end, it turned out well. My scene partner was Addison Graham.

TO: You have a really nick cock. When did you realize you got a good one?
JH: I guess I didn’t really realize until someone else said something. [Laughs]

TO: Was the first person you ever had sex with a boy or a girl. How old were you?
JH: I’ve still never had sex with a woman. I was 18 when I lost my virginity and it was
the same boy with whom I went to my high school prom.

TO: What is the biggest misconception that people have about those who work in porn?
JH: I guess the biggest misconception is that they think I always want to have sex. Sometimes
I just want to cuddle.

TO: At the 2016 Grabbys, you won Best Newcomer. I have to ask, where do you
keep your trophy?
JH: I can’t say that I have it anywhere very interesting, but I do like to keep it in the
window so it can cast rainbows and gayness all over the room. (It’s prismatic.)

TO: When Chi Chi LaRue calls up and says, I have this script written by Jackie Beat called
“Scared Stiff,” what do you say?
JH: I said, “Who’s Jackie Beat?” (Just kidding.) Really I said, “I don’t even have to read it.
Yes, I’m on board.”

TO: Your character has bleached blond hair. I have to ask, did your mean, evil director Chi-
Chi LaRue make you do it or did you come that way?
JH: No, not at all. I bleached my hair with no quarrel. I thought of it as a fun experiment. I
even dyed it blue for a week after just for fun.

TO: Your character has sex in a truck in “Scared Stiff.” Have you ever done that in your personal
JH: I’ve had sex in a couple vehicles and outside on other occasions, but that was probably the
coldest time. We even had a heater in the truck and would warm up between takes.

TO: What can we look forward to see you in this year?
JH: The next big thing to look for is NakedSword’s “Ultra Fan,” written and directed by Brent
Corrigan and Ted Wilkinson, and costarring Brent Corrigan and myself, and shot by the infamous
Mr. Pam.

TO: What is the best way for your fans to keep up with all things Jack Hunter?
JH: You can find me on Twitter , @XXXJackHunter and on Snapchat and Instagram as blueyedblksheep,
and look out for some other new things this year.

This article ran in the March 7, 2017 Issue of GRAB Magazine.