JJ Knight

Tom Olah: How did you first get into porn?
JJ Knight: I first got started in porn when I was actually moving out to Los Angeles for
another full-time job and the guy that I was seeing at the time got in touch with my agent.
Then Chris, who is my current agent, reached out to me and asked me if I was interested in
giving it a try. Growing up, I always had an interest in doing porn and I jumped at the chance
to finally live my dream.

TO: How did you come up with your porn name?
JJK: Jason Sparks actually helped me come up with my porn name. He asked me to come up
with a name that means something personally for your first name, and then for the last name,
come up with a name that has a semblance to myself. My first name is a semblance of my real
name in a way. That is why I picked it. It would be easier to link it to myself. And growing up
in porn, I always had a porn crush on Trevor Knight and thought that the two parts coincided
well. So there was the birth of JJ Knight.

TO: How large is your penis?
JJK: At full erection, it is 10 inches cut.

TO: When did you realize yours is bigger than all your friends?
JJK: To be honest, I was never really “showy” as a child or even during my teenage years. I
think over the years, when I finally started messing around with guys, I would get told how big
I was but it never really sank in until I got into porn. I think when the photos started getting posted,
that’s when I started to realize how big I was compared to most.

TO: Do you watch a lot of porn?
JJK: Actually even after being in porn and knowing the ins and outs of being on set, I still personally
love watching porn. I will always have my favorite porn actors and although some of them are no
longer in the business, they still remain my favorites to watch being filmed.

TO: Have you ever had chemistry problems with a scene partner?
JJK: There are definitely some scenes that are easier than others in terms of “performing” and developing
that connection but when I get hired, I know I am there to do one thing and that is to make the scene
look as good as I can and to perform the best I can for the fans watching.

TO: Is it difficult to stay “happy” with a film crew watching?
JJK: I think the very first scene I shot with Men.com was a bit nerve-racking. I don’t think it was the film
crew watching per se. I think it was the lights beating down on me and the film crew and the pressure I
put on myself that made it hard. I always tell myself and anyone that is new to the industry, that when I
am shooting with them, “Don’t get into your head.” That’s the best advice I was ever given.

TO: What is the most difficult part of working in gay porn?
JJK: The most difficult part is maintaining a specific image at all times. Looking a specific way and making
sure your hair is perfect on sets and trying to stay the same person while still growing through each movie
can be difficult.

TO: What is the best part of working in gay porn?
JJK: That is the difficult part because I have many things I love about being in gay porn. The first is definitely
the loyal fans following you through your journey and they are there for you through thick and thin. The second
is meeting so many different people on this journey that became great friends from all over the world. And the
third is the traveling to so many places that I have never been in my entire life.

TO: Since you are coming to Chicago to host the Grabbys I have to ask, have you ever gone home with a fan?
JJK: I have never gone home with a fan from an event I was working but I am not saying that I am opposed to a
situation like that happening. I am extremely excited about hosting the Grabbys and looking forward to all the
people I will be meeting, including the fans [smiles].

TO: Is this your first time in Chicago? Anything special planned?
JJK: This is my third time in Chicago. First time was with friends in 2012, just a long weekend trip to a big city
since I am from such a small town to see a big city like that was a dream. The second time was for a scene with
American Muscle Hunks. This time I don’t have any huge special plans. I am looking forward to hanging out
with all the fans and my fellow performers while we are all together.

TO: What can we look forward to be seeing you in this year?
JJK: I am now officially a Falcon exclusive and I cannot express how excited I am about this. The movies coming
up for Falcon include “Between the Sheets,” “Sexflicks” and “Chill.” These definitely be the highlight for my
porn career. I am really looking forward to them. I also have a few Cockyboys scenes that still are coming out
soon and a few with Men.com that still need to come out. So these next few months will be filled with excitement
for fans.

TO: Best way to keep up with all things JJ Knight?
JJK: As of right now, the best way to keep in contact with me is through Twitter, @jjknightxxx. In the upcoming
weeks, I will be on Instagram and Facebook. I will keep my fans posted on Twitter.
Thanks for the constant support from everyone that is following my journey! I appreciate it wholeheartedly.

This article ran in the May 17, 2016 Issue of GRAB Magazine.