It All Cums Down To Cock

It All Cums Down To Cock
2015. Channel 1 Releasing

Directed by Chi Chi LaRue
Starring: Jason Phoenix, Landon Conrad, Armond Rizzo, Alessandro Del Torro, Casey Everett and Devin Dixon
    While working in the Channel 1 warehouse, Casey Everett comes across some CD's and is

having a fantasy about Jason Phoenix (I would also) and Devin Dixon. Well Phoenix and Dixon are naked in a pool when
Dixon gives a great underwater blow job. When Phoenix starts playing with Dixon's ass it should be no surprise when Phoenix
shoves his dick up Dixon's ass. Back to pig boy Casey Everett who now has his dick out (it's really nice) and is rubbing one out
because he has an app on his phone watching super bottom Armond Rizzo with Alessandro Del Torro's tongue up his ass.
Again it's no surprise when Torro's dick goes up power-bottom Rizzo's butt, but I am impressed with the many positions they
were in. Back to pig boy Everett who is still watching on his phone but goes into fantasy-land and Landon Conrad joins him.
In Everett's fantasy-land he gets to suck on Landon's dick and gets a major Landon pounding!

 3.85 Stars!