Into The Wilde


Into The Wilde
2013 Nakedsword

Directed by Mr.Pam
Starring: Christian Wilde, Brandon Jones, Conner Maguire, Ashton Webber, Rod Daily and Lance Luciano
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

      Everyone has sexual fantasies, but do you have the guts to make them happen? Well Christian Wilde does and the first one
is having sex in a van driving around (yes there is a side window). To make Wilde's fantasy come true, Brandon Jones joins the
fun and Wilde enjoys looking at the people while Jones is sucking on his dick. The part I loved was watching Jones get fucked by
Wilde and wondering if anyone was looking in while driving by. I also wanted to know if the driver was looking for bumps in the
road to give Jones a better ride (LOL). Ever have a massage and hope to get something extra? Well Wilde does with Rod Daily
doing the rubbing and getting the shit fucked out of his ass. Just to let you know, Wilde does get release. Who's cruised in the
woods? Now Wilde is going old-school and Connor Maguire (my new favorite) and Ashton Webber are doing the same. Wilde finds
Webber first and is soon joined by Maguire and Wilde's hard dick! There are too many lookers and they go to his house (chickens!).
Webber is the lucky boy who gets both Wilde's and Maguire's dicks up his ass, and Webber is so flexible you have to see to believe
and boy does he like cum. Next we have the fantasy of the hot neighbor and he invites you over (never happens to me) with Lance
Luciano inviting Wilde over to play. In no time Luciano is on his knees sucking Wilde's big cock. This movie is about fantasy coming
true and you are going to like it.

 3.9 Stars!