International Playboys


International  Playboys
2016. NakedSword

Directed by mr. Pam
Starring: Mickey Taylor, Jack Harder, Darius Ferdynand, Kayden Grey, Rikk York, Camron Diggs and Rafael Alencar.
First stop on this international tour is London, and we're with Jack Harder and the super sexy Darius Ferdynand. Once
they get to their hotel the clothes come off (thank god). Harder's cock is the first one to get hard and Darius is the lucky one
to suck on it (along with Harder's big balls). Darius has one of the most amazing asses in porn, and watching Harder's big
dick slowly go in Darius' ass is an art form. Next we are in Chicago with Mickey Taylor and Camron Diggs who go back to
the room and hit the sheets after their tour of the city. Diggs is the first to get his dick sucked, and the way Taylor is enjoying
himself you just know he will be sitting on that dick shortly. After Diggs munches on Taylor's ass, that's exactly what happens!
Now it's time to tour New York City with Rafael Alencar and Rikk York. Once back in the room, Alencar is the first one
naked, but there is no question York will be the first one with a dick up his ass (there is some major twirling with Alencar's
dick up York's ass)! Well Mickey Taylor is back in the UK and he is horny... Kayden Grey is who he wants to play with. Grey
is the first one naked and Taylor really likes sucking dick (and is going to sit on it)! After watching this movie, all I could think
was how Mickey Taylor really likes to sit on big dicks.

 3.75 Stars!