Internal Specialists


Internal Specialists
2017. Hot House Video
Directed by Nick Foxx and Tony Dimarco
Starring Austin Wolf, JJ Knight, Woody Fox, Dorian Ferro, Jacob Peterson, Landon Mycles, Armond Rizzo, Skippy Baxter,
Asher Devin and Adam Bryant

Woody Fox needs a physical and Dorian Ferro is his doctor; instead of coughing for the doctor, Fox is letting Dr. Ferro
suck his dick. Dr. Ferro has made this a couple’s physical because his fuzzy ass is getting some Fox action. Next we meet up
with physician Skippy Baxter and patient Asher Devin. Once Devin gets down to his undies, it’s just a mater of time until
Skippy is sucking his dick. Once again it’s the patient who is doing the fucking and Devin sure seems to enjoy fucking Skippy.
Then we meet Dr. Wolf and his patient is power-bottom Armond Rizzo; while getting his temperature taken, he starts feeling
Dr. Wolf's cock. There is no question that Rizzo is getting fucked but it is interesting when he stands on his head and gets fucked
by Wolf. I have to say the pint-size Rizzo seems like a play toy to Wolf. Now it’s time to meet Dr. JJ Knight; patient Landon
Mycles seems to have a sore back but when he loses his shorts, it’s his butt hole that is getting the action. With this couple, there
is no question that Mycles wants Dr. Knights big dick up his ass and, boy, does he get it! Medical assistants Adam Bryant and
Jacob Peterson are last at the office so these to horny boys do what we all would dream of doing with these guys – they get
naked and start sucking on each other. Once Bryant starts munching on Peterson’s ass, we all know Peterson is getting a dick
up his ass. After watching this movie, you will be wondering why you’re not getting this kind of service from your doctor.

 3.85 Stars!