In Yer Face!


In Yer Face!
2012 Raging Stallion Studios

Directed by Steve Cruz
Starring: Derek Parker, Tom Wolfe, Charlie Harding, Trenton Ducati, Fabio Stallone, Chris Tyler and Ayden Marx.
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

When seeing the title of this movie I was thinking I am going to be seeing a lot of dick in faces and a lot of cum on faces. Guess what?
We do! Now before I start getting letters, I know this is the third movie with Trenton Ducati that I have reviewed this week, but he
is very hot and really plays well with others! When you see Ducati in a KISS T-Shirt all I can say is I hope this is director Cruz being
funny because I really don't want to think it's in Ducati's closet. Ducati is lucky enough to have sex with my favorite pig bottom of 2012,
Chris Tyler. Tyler just looks like he is having a blast every time a dick is near his face and even more when a dick is up his ass. Tom
Wolfe is a favorite performer at the Grabby's because he is a giver and takes it with the best of them. But the way Wolfe fucks Ayden
Marx my butthole hurt and I think Wolfe had sore hips when he was done. Charlie Harding is a hot manly man (and even hotter in
person)  and he gets to fuck Derek Parker...a man who just seems to like having fun and big boy sex and we like it! Director Steve
Cruz used a lot of cum for the making of this movie and we like it!
 3.75 Stars!