In The Flesh 1


In The Flesh 1
2017. Kristen Bjorn
Starring: Gabriel Lunna, Antonio Miricle, Viktor Rom, Mario Domenech, Hugo Arenas, Alex Brando, Steven Raw and
Alberto Esposito

We start with Antonio who invites Gabriel back to his apartment (do you call that being friendly or a tramp?). After the
two get naked they are both impressed with what they see (all I thought was I wish that was the case when I took a trick home)
and they take turns sucking on each other before Gabriel shoves his cock up Antonio's ass (my toes curled)! Next we meet Mario
Domenech who could use a new pair of pants when he meets Victor Rom and Hugo Arenas who take him home and get him
out of those pants. As the guys start kissing they realize they all have nice cocks, and Mario is the popular one because he has a
dick up his ass, has someone sucking his dick, and oh what the hell he's sucking a dick! Now let's up the stakes for Mario and
have some double penetration where both Viktor and Hugo shove their dicks up Mario's ass (it's impressive). When we meet the
very hot Alex Brando he is on the roof doing some electrical work in a jump suit with nothing on underneath when he meets
Stephan Raw who invites him in to get naked. What I've seen so far is that Alex has an amazing chest and really likes sucking
on Stephan's dick! As I watch I want to know where you find electricians who look like Alex Brando and eat your ass and then
fuck you... amazing! In another part of Barcelona we encounter three dogs in heat... call them Antonio Miricale, Hugo Arenas
and Alberto Esposito... and these guys just wanna have fun (naked fun!). Once naked the guys are rubbing, sucking, licking and
just enjoying their naked self's. They then line up to do a daisy chain and start fucking. After watching this movie Barcelona is
back on my list for a vacation in the fall!

 3.8 Stars!