In The Closet


In The Closet
Directed by Nica Noelle
Starring: Lawrence Portland, Billy Santoro, Michael Delray, Roman Todd and Armond Rizzo

Michael Delray comes home to see boyfriend Billy Santoro who informs him that his former boyfriend called (the old boy
friend plays for both teams). Delray is not happy, so what does a couple do when they are mad at each other? To start Delray
begins taking of Santoro's clothes and after some kissing, sucking and butt munching, it's Santoro with a dick up his ass. Next
we meet Roman Todd who is in bed with his girlfriend (I am sorry she is not very cute) who leaves to meet up with his boyfriend
Armond Rizzo (I totally understand why Todd is meeting Rizzo). It doesn't take the guys long to get naked and start sucking on
each other... let's be honest we all know that power bottom Rizzo will be the one bouncing on a dick. When we meet Lawrence
Portland we learn that he has found a way to keep his wife and also his boyfriend (Billy Santoro) happy (no this is not a soap
opera). At Portland's apartment we see his wife leave and seconds later Santoro arrives. After some dick sucking and ass eating
we see how Santoro likes Portland's dick and wants to ride that pony! The surprise comes when Santoro flips Portland over
starts eating his ass before fucking him. At the end of this movie all the guys with wives/girlfriends get to keep them... and their
boyfriends. Can someone explain to me why so many IconMale movies have a guy cheating on their wife/girlfriend with a

 3.75 Stars!