2016. Titan Men

Directed by Jasun Mark
Starring: Jesse Jackman, Dallas Steele, Diesel Washington, Tex Davidson, Colt Rivers and JJ Thicke
Well, Chicago, IML is around the corner... do you need some rubber/leather inspiration? ICONS starts with Diesel
Washington and Dallas Steele in leather, rubber and helmets, and Washington is the first to lift his helmet because he wants
Steele's dick in his mouth. When it's finally time for Steele to take off his helmet it's so he can take big Washington dick in his
mouth. Next we see Steele munching on some Washington ass (all I could think was is Steele going to fuck Washington?). Don't
worry, Washington is fucking Steele and he is fucking him every which way and Sunday. Next up is JJ Thicke and Tex
Davidson (in his knee pads) and after the guys take turns sucking on each other Tex is taking it up the butt. Now the hot part
is when they flip. It's now time for the legendary Jesse Jackman and Colt Rivers. Jackman is all manly man and there is only
one way you are going to want this scene to go... Jackman eating some Rivers' ass before he fucks him! If you like your men
in gear this movie is for you!

 3.8 Stars!