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Hunter is the star of NakedSword Originals "Frat House Cream" movie. I had the chance to talk to Hunter about his time in porn.

Tom Olah:  Who was the first person you had sex with, was it a boy or a girl?
Hunter Page:  The first person I had sex with was a boy.

T.O:  And the first person you had sex with when a camera was involved?
H.P:  It was Devin Adams for collegedudes.
T.O:  Are you a boxer or brief kind of guy?
H.P:  Boxers, unless I have a good jockstrap.
T.O:  How did you first get into porn?
H.P:  I was watching it one day and realized I wanted to be someone's fantasy.
T.O:  What was your first day on a porn set like?
H.P:  I started getting red and overwhelmed.
T.O:  How many movies have you made so far?
H.P:  I've filmed around 65+ scenes to date.
T.O:  Who is your fantasy porn star that you want to get naked with?
H.P:  Adam Archuleta from Belami.
T.O:  Does your family know about your porn career?
H.P:  Yes, my entire family knows.
T.O:  What did your friends say when they first heard?
H.P:  Most actually watched it when it came out. They loved/ love it.
T.O:  So in the new Naked Sword movie, Frat House Cream, you play a frat guy. Were you ever a frat guy?
H.P:  I have not had that experience in real life. I'm considering pledging when I go to university.
T.O:  You have a very hot 3-way in the back of a rental truck, have you ever had sex in the back of a truck in your private life?
H.P:  I have messed around with a guy from my hometown in the back of his truck.
T.O:  What else can we look forward to seeing you in this year?
H.P:  I'm filming some for Helix, and doing my own work.

T.O:  Have you ever gone out with a fan?
H.P:  Yes, I've had lunch with a few fans of mine.
T.O:  Best way for your fans to keep up with all things Hunter Page?
H.P:  Follow me on Twitter @hunterpagexxx
T.O:  Best way to get your movies?
H.P:  Message me on Twitter for details. Or follow the website links on the studio that produced it.

Photos courtesy of Nakedsword by Photographer Mr. Pam

This article ran in the July 30, 2013 Issue of GRAB Magazine.