Hung Country


Hung Country
2016. Raging Stallion Studios

Directed by Steve Cruz
Starring: Abraham Al Malek, Hector De Silva, Emir Boscatto, Dani Robles, Martin Mazza, Antonio Miracle, Sergyo
Caruso and Josh Milk

   Director Steve Cruz is taking us to Hung Country, or for you readers the Spanish countryside. We start with Malek and
Silva playing kissy face with each other by a waterfall when they start taking their clothes off... who doesn't like getting a
blow job on a picnic table? The guys then go inside to eat ass and take turns fucking each other. When me first meet Emir
Boscatto he is coming in from the rain, and thank goodness Dani Robles is around to warm him up... and help him get naked.
The way Boscatto eats ass you will beg to be his bottom! Next we meet Antonio Miracle and Martin Mazza who are play
fighting in a field until they find shelter so they can get naked. Once naked Mazza's willing ass is the only Miracle needed. Now
for some reason we are in Emir Boscatto's dungeon, but who cares, he has Sergyo Caruso to service him. If you like to watch
sexy hairy men have hot sex this movie is for you.

 3.9 Stars!