2014 Hot House Entertainment
Directed by Christian Owen
Starring: Connor Maguire, Dylan Knight, Steve Stiffer, Armond Rizzo, Ray Han, Logan Vaughn, Mike DeMarko,
David Lambert and Brandon Jones

     If it's a Gym Dudes movie, it means we are going to see athletic equipment with little-to-no clothes (yay)! First up we have
guys throwing a football around, Armond Rizzo and David Lambert (who throws like a girl). Remember this is all taking place
outdoors in some park so I was surprised (happy!) when Lambert takes Rizzo's shorts off, starts eating some major ass and
eventually Rizzo starts sucking Lambert's dick. I will say I was a little shocked that it was Lambert fucking Rizzo (but where is
this park... I wanna go). Next up we have Brandon Jones playing soccer and for some reason takes his shorts off and is playing
in his jock (it's okay because Jones is hot and has a nice ass). Well also playing with Jones is Dylan Knight and Mike DeMarko,
and for some reason they are down to their jocks also and the good news is that Knight loses the bet and has to start sucking
Jones' dick. Since Jones is such a nice guy, he lets Knight suck DeMarko's dick also. The fun really gets started when Knight and
Jones take turns fucking DeMarko. Next up we have Connor Maguire and Ray Han and after sucking each other's dick it's no
surprise when Maguire starts fucking Han. Back at the pool the very lucky Steve Stiffer is sucking his own dick while the gardener
Logan Vaughn is watching. Well Vaughn is horny so he joins Stiffer. The surprise is that it's Stiffer who is fucking Vaughn and
baby Vaughn has one hot ass... Stiffer is one lucky man to fuck him.

 3.75 Stars!