Horn Dogs


Horn Dogs
2017. Kristen Bjorn Productions
Directed by Kristen Bjorn
Starring Sergyo, Alberto Esposito, Diogo, Stephan Raw, William Bravo, John Rodriguez, Gabriel Lunna, Cody Banx,
Gabriel Taurus, Juanjo Rodriguz, Xavi Duran, Amir Dib and Santi Noguera

Have you ever met a guy that is a horn dog? I think we all have, but can you imagine a hole movie of horn dogs? Well,
Gabriel Lunna and Sergyo are so hot for each other that I don’t think they leave the house very often. Sergyo’s erect dick
just bounces out of his sweats when Lunna starts sucking his dick. The guys play a hot game of swords with their dicks.
After taking many turns sucking on each other’s dicks, I am surprised to tell you it’s Lunna with a dick up his ass and it’s
hot. I feel much better when they flip and it’s even hotter. In another part of town, we meet Stephan Raw and William Bravo,
who both have really nice cocks. Raw is the first to get his dick sucked by Bravo. Well, the guys are sucking on each other’s
dicks but Raw is the first to have a large dick up his ass. Our next couple is Alberto Esposito and Diogo who are so hot for
each other and have to leave the clubs early. The guys get naked and start playing with each other’s cocks but Esposito can’t
take it any longer and has to start sucking on Diogo’s cock. When it’s time for fucking, the guys take turns (it’s 2017, the year
of the flip) but it’s Esposito with a dick up his ass first. Next up, we find Gabriel Lunna who has up two hot guys, John Rodriguez
and Gabriel Taurus. Rodriguez is first on his knees but it’s a three-way so Lunna is also sucking dick. Lunna is the first to be
butt-up but Rodriguez and Taurus take turns munching on his ass (looks really hot). Rodriguez is first to fuck Lunna. Taurus
gets on top of Lunna and Rodriguez takes turns fucking them both – it’s really hot (I must try this trick). Next it gets hotter and
Rodriguez gets to be monkey in the middle with Lunna fucking Rodriguez. Juanjo Rodriguez is hot and bothered, watching
Cody Banx back at his place and once the guys get hot and hard, it’s Rodriguez who sucks dick first and also is the first to eat
Banx’s hairy ass. Banx just sits on Rodriguez’s ass and starts bouncing a lot. Next we meet Xavi Duran, Amir Dib and Santi
Noguera, who are at a street fair and we find out that Dib has hooked up Noguera in the past and can handle both of them.
Noguera is first on his knees and takes turns sucking the other guy’s dicks. Noguera has the guys taking turns eating his ass and
then they take turns fucking him (hot). Hot movie.

 3.9 Stars!