Hooker Stories 2


Hooker Stories 2
2013 Nakedsword

Directed by: Mr.Pam
Starring:  Jake Genesis, Diesel Washington, Doug Acre, Seth Roberts, JD Phoenix, Jayden Ellis, Kyle Quinn, Sean Duran
and Luke Milian
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

      This is a movie about the San Francisco flesh trade, and they might be easy but they are not cheap. Businessman Jake Genises
is horny and what's a man to do? Go to rentboy.com and order in some hot and sexy JD Phoenix. Well Genises does some major
ass eating on Phoenix's hole and we know ass eating leads to fucking. Let's just say Phoenix knows how to sit on a dick and Genesis
enjoys pounding an ass! Next up, escorts Seth Roberts and Sean Duran are boyfriends on vacation and want to pick up some extra
cash. After a few freaky phone calls, they let Luke Milian come over. Luke Milian is one hot and sexy man with a very large penis
and let's just say Roberts and Duran have Milian naked in record time. My favorite part of this scene is while Roberts and Duran
are making out, they somehow have Milian's dick in their mouth as well. If your husband serves you with divorce papers, what do
you do? Well if you are Kyle Quinn, you go to rentboy.com and order in Doug Acre and get naked. After some major ass eating on
both their parts, it's time for Acre to earn some coins and fuck Quinn. And baby Quinn gets majorly pumped by Acre. Last but not
least we have Jayden Ellis who wants some more money from Daddy so he can pay for some rough trade, and the trade is the legendary
Diesel Washington. After Washington devours Ellis's ass, Ellis gets a fucking of a lifetime.
 3.8 Stars!