Hog Wild


Hog Wild
2016. Channel 1
Directed by Chi Chi LaRue
Starring: Sean Duran, Adam Bryant, Marco Cruz, Toby Springs, Jay Alexander, Dustin Steele, Darin Silvers and Damien Crosse

This movie is about a dirty biker gangbang, and to get things started is Sean Duran out on his motorcycle when he runs
into Steve Ponce and gives him a lift. The story goes... Duran takes Ponce back to the warehouse where they go into the bathroom
and Duran has Ponce suck on his dick. The problem is all of Duran's allegedly straight friends are also at the warehouse and
catch them. So what are straight boys to do to teach their friend a lesson? Well it starts with Duran sucking on some nice dick.
The interesting thing about these "straight" guys is they start sucking each other's dicks. Now that the guys are all naked and
Duran is bent over the motorcycle, Damien Crosse urinates on him before licking his own pee up off the ground and then eating
some Duran ass. Well Crosse is the first to fuck Duran, but all the guys get a turn (but that greedy pig Crosse gets more than
one turn). Now when Marco Cruz is laying on his back and Duran sits on his dick, want to guess who is going to double fuck
Duran? You are correct... that horny pig known as Damien Crosse (it's a really hot scene). Duran is the only one in this movie
to get fucked, but it's all very hot. If you are a cum lover you will love the ending when all the guys cum on Duran.

 3.85 Stars!