Hit The Mat


Hit The Mat
2018. Hot House Video
Directed by Trenton Ducati
Starring: Devin Franco, Kurtis Wolfe, Jack Hunter, Jacob Peterson, Paul Cannon, Cazden Hunter, Liam Cyber,
Tristen Hunter and Alex Mecum

   Before I start this review, I just want to say I never understood how more guys didn’t get chubbies while wrestling. At least
they get chubbies in this movie! Coach Alex Mecum is wrestling with Jacob Peterson and you know it’s getting nasty when
Coach Mecum’s shirt comes off and Peterson’s singlet starts coming off. Some of the other wrestlers are watching when Mecum’s
shorts go down and Peterson starts sucking Mecum’s big dick. When Coach Mecum starts munching on Peterson’s ass, we all
know who is the top… Mecum! After a hard day of working out, Kurtis Wolfe, Liam Cyber and Cazden Hunter find a private
corner and start rubbing on each other; Wolf’s dick is out first for Cyber to suck on but don’t worry. Hunter soon joins in and
starts sucking Wolfe’s dick also. Sucking is now done and Wolfe is fucking Hunter while Hunter is sucking on Cyber’s dick.
Back in the locker room, we find Jack Hunter changing into his singlet (how will that dick fit) and then Paul Cannon comes it to
change also before the guys hit the mat. After some wrestling that actually looks real, it’s time for some licking and sucking and
I am impressed to say that Cannon could take all of Hunter’s dick down his throat. Once Cannon starts eating Hunter’s ass, we
all know that Hunter is getting fucked. (Does Hunter top anymore?) Stop the presses! They flip and Cannon lays back and takes
Hunter’s big dick. When Tristen Hunter is in the bathroom peeing, he runs in to Coach Mecum who mentions he might not make
the team [wink- wink] if he doesn’t up his game. That involves Coach Mecum getting one hell of a blow-job before Mecum fucks
Tristen. (We think he makes the team.) In the locker room, it’s Devin Franco sniffing a jockstrap when Kurtis Wolfe comes in and
wants some team morale building and I guess that means sucking his dick before eats his ass and fucks him.

 3.85 Stars!