His Sister's Lover Vol. 2


His Sister's Lover Vol. 2
2016. Icon Male
Directed by Nica Noelle
Starring: Roman Todd, Brandon Wilde, Billie Ramos and Calvin Banks

Brandon Wilde's sister comes over with her boy-toy boy friend, Calvin Banks, and we find out Banks is looking for a
room to rent... and Wilde happens to have one (I smell trouble). Once Wilde's boyfriend, Billie Ramos, gets home and they
all enjoy pizza and lots of wine, Ramos and Wilde go to their bedroom. But we find out Ramos and Banks hooked up once
after they met on a hook-up site when Banks was "straight but curious." Flashback to that night... we see that Banks was
nervous and after some kissing the clothes come of and "straight boy" Banks is sucking dick and eating ass. He sure catches
on fast and is riding Ramos in record time. Back to real-time we are with Wilde and Ramos and Wilde is shocked about his
sister's boyfriend. The two get naked and after the taking turns sucking dick and eating ass, it's Wilde who is doing the
fucking (Wilde can top?!). I feel better now... they flip! The next day at work Wilde and Roman Todd get locked in the
basement and can't get out. After being looked up for a while, Wilde is cold and Todd is a good guy so they cuddle. We all
know cuddling leads to rubbing, and rubbing leads to kissing... oh hell they get naked. After the two take turns sucking on
each other, there is no question that Todd is going to fuck Wilde. And since this is a plot movie called "His Sister's Lover,"
 it finally happens that Wilde and Banks get naked, suck dick, eat ass and Banks finally fucks Wilde.

 3.8 Stars!