Hidden Palms


Hidden Palms
2017 Falcon Studios
Directed by Tony DiMarco
Starring Brent Corrigan, Topher DiMaggo, JJ Knight, Jake Ashford, Dante Colle, Addison Graham, Pierce Paris,
Casey Jacks and Roman Todd

   FYI, it’s -5 in Chicago today and I need a vacation to somewhere warm so thank you Falcon! The move starts with Brent
Corrigan coming out of a house, dropping his swimsuit and jumping into the pool. (This is how you start a movie.) He swims
a little, gets out and starts making out with Roman Todd (lucky man) and then he starts sucking Todd’s dick. Corrigan might
be the first to have his butt munched on but Todd is the first one to be fucked. Now don’t worry, they flip and then it’s Corrigan’s
turn to do some bouncing. Next, we find Pierce Paris (my porn star boyfriend) getting out of the pool to find Casey Jacks sleeping
and he gives him a wet one to wake him up. Once awake, it’s Jacks sucking dick first because Paris is playing with Jacks’ butt hole.
Once Paris fucks Jacks doggy-style, they flip and it’s Jacks bouncing on some Paris dick. Later that day, we find Jake Ashford
showering at the outdoor shower and once he realizes that JJ Knight is watching, let’s just say that is when the show starts. It doesn’t
take long for Ashford to come over to let Knight play with his butt. Once Knight starts teasing Ashford with his dick, you can tell
that Ashford is almost begging for some big Knight dick up his ass. Oh, and Knight majorly cums. We find Topher DiMaggio
who is horny and when he goes inside to take care of himself, he finds Casey Jacks to help him out. Once Jacks gets to Topher’s
room, he finds Topher naked and hard, so what does Jacks do? He sucks some Topher dick. Once Topher starts playing with
Jacks’ ass, you who is getting fucked. All I could think of was Topher DiMaggio and Pierce Paris have now fucked Jacks – what
a lucky guy. Over at the hot tub, we find Addison Graham who is joined by semi-hard Pierce Paris (my porn boyfriend is friendly);
Addison gets that semi out and gets Paris rock-hard. After the guys take turns sucking on each other, there is cum everywhere.
Over at the pool, we find Dante Cole getting some sun when Addison Graham joins him because he wants to suck some dick.
After some dick-sucking, it’s Graham butt-up and Cole doing the fucking. If you need a winter warm-up, this movie is for you!

  3.9 Stars!