He's Got the Moves


He's Got the Moves

Directed by Andrew Rosen Starring: Ryan Rose, Ray Diaz, Conner Kline, Hayden Richards, Andrew Fitch, Lucas Knight
and Duncan Black
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

      Alright, this movie makes me laugh because I have just moved and after doing all the moving work the last thing I wanted
to do was get naked with the friends that helped me...I knew I stunk. Ray Diaz is hot for the very inked Conner Kline who let's
just say looks very hot in a wet t-shirt. The nice part is Kline has moving man fantasies (I have never heard of this one) and his
hole is getting them fulfilled by Diaz. This one made me laugh because everyone knows if you have a box filled with dildo's you
use tape to make sure nothing opens up and or falls out. Well not Hayden Richards who drops his box of sex toys but tries them
out on Conner Kline's ass. Last but not least we have Falcon Man of the Year Ryan Rose who gets naked with Andrew Fitch.
What I like about these boys is that they are real men and know how to flip fuck...and we like it!
 3.75 Stars!