2013 Raging Stallion Studios

Directed by Tony DiMarco
Starring:  Tommy Defendi, Jimmy Fanz, Jessy Ares,, Alex Marte, Alexander Garrett, James Ryder, Ty Toderick and Tyler Wolf
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

What is a Heretic? He takes what he wants, he never plays by the rules and he would flip you off if you tell him what to do! But
put him in a bathhouse and they will line up to suck his cock, eat his ass and do what ever he likes! So the very sexy and Grabby
winner for best duo Jessy Ares works the beefy Alex Martte like he is going for a repeat and reminding me of my childhood and
silly putty. Next up is Grabby award winner for hottest cock, Tommy Defendi, and all I can say is I love and get turned on more
and more with every movie he makes and the punk known as James Ryder is the lucky guy who gets to play with his cock. Jimmy
Franz is the guy that more people ask me about, he is cute and sexy and if you like a hairy hole he is your man. Well Alexander
Garrett is the lucky guy who gets to shove his dick down his throat and shove his dick up his ass (lucky Garrett). I have to say when
I saw that Tyler Wolf and Ty Roderick were going to be getting naked I thought cool, but baby it's just hot! These buff muscular
men rock and Ty rocks Tyler's world. If you like the idea of having sex in a dark underground sex club this movie is for you.
Remember Heretic means never a weak moment and never a soft cock!
 3.9 Stars!