Helix Academy


Helix Academy
2013 Helix Studios

Directed by Alex Roman
Starring: Jessie Montgomery, Even Parker, Luke Allen, Casey Tanner, Kellan Parker, Anderson Lovell, Chase Young with
Victor Hoff
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

    Ok, I have never been to boarding school or an all-boy school, but the stories I have heard always sound hot and Helix is going
to make all our fantasies come true. It's Jessie Montgomery's first day at school and he needs his new room. When he gets to his
room, his naked roommate is butt up (why did I not go to this school?) but there is no sex because they are late for class. Later that
night after a long day of school, Parker is fake sleeping when his roommate Even Parker (cute twink) comes back to the room with
Luke Allen. Parker has him drink from the silver cup and they start making out. Well we know that kissing leads to high school boys
getting naked (YAY!). So while Allen is sucking Parker's dick, Montgomery roles over to watch and rub one out himself. This show
gets better when Parker starts fucking Allen. The next day after another long day of class, Montgomery is walking back to his dorm
when he see's his RA Kellen Parker getting head from Casey Tanner. Now the fun really starts when Parker starts fucking Tanner
(when is Montgomery getting action?). After Parker cums, he leaves and Tanner finds out that Montgomery has been watching and
gives him a treat and goes down on him (finally some Montgomery action!). Next Montgomery and Anderson Lovell get detention but
are left alone and Lovell needs some help with his homework. The two cute horny boys left alone and in no time they are making out
leading to sucking dick (maybe I should have gotten detention when I was in High School). The shocking part is that when it's time for
fucking, it's Lovell fucking Montgomery. Ok, I feel better because they are flipping and now Montgomery is fucking Lovell. Later that
night, Montgomery is woken and then kidnapped and taken away. When his hood is taken off, he is naked in a sling with his classmates
looking to welcome him into the Crescent Club...it's time for his initiation! This initiation means everyone gets to fuck Montgomery while
they all watch. Well the boys get board waiting for their shot at Montgomery and just start on each other. This is a well made hot and sexy
twink movie.
 3.95 Stars!