2013 Hot House Entertainment

Directed by Christian Owen
Starring:  Landon Conrad, Conner Klein, Marcus Ruhl, Trenton Ducati, Jimmy Durano, Angel Rock, Brandon Jones, and Johnny Ryder
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

    Are you sick of the Chicago winters yet? Well I am and I need a warm vacation and thankfully Hot House is taking me on it
in their new movie Heatstroke! Hot House has rented a real nice house in the desert and the always sexy Landon Conrad is jumping
in the pool (I told you it was a nice house) when he is joined by the uber hung and sexy Jimmy Durano who is tanning by the pool.
 Conrad doesn't waist any time getting Durano naked (and we like it) and sucking on his big dick. The fun really starts when erect
Durano returns to the lawn chair and Conrad sits (I mean rides) Durano. Later that day by the pool, Johnny Ryer is getting out of
the pool and I will say Ryder makes toweling off very hot! Ryder goes back in the house to find Brandon Jones naked and butt up.
With the way that Ryder is man handling Jones' ass and giving a tongue assault to it, you just know who is fucking (it's Ryder and
he is fucking Jones silly). Back at the pool, we find the always friendly Trenton Ducati with the very sexy Conner Kline swimming.
At this house, swimming leads to kissing and kissing leads to two very hot guys getting naked! Well Kline is the first naked and Ducati
is really enjoying eating the very hot ass of Kline. We finally get Ducati naked and Kline is doing his part making sure he is hard and
happy. Now one of the highlights of this movie is Kline sitting on Ducati's dick poolside (HOT) and Kline is a bouncing fool! Back in
the house the hung Angel Rock is taking a shower while the hunky Marcus Ruhl is washing up. With a wink of the eye, Rock has Ruhl
naked and in the shower with him. After some kissing and licking, it's Ruhl's butt up for Rock (this would have been hot if Rock finally
gave his ass to Ruhl). After Rock fucks the cum out of Ruhl, you are going to want some bathroom sex. Director Christian Owen, thanks
for the vacation with the very hot men of Hot House!

 3.9 Stars!