Heated Part 1


2016. Falcon

Directed by Nick Foxx
Starring: Dorian Ferro, Sebastian Kross, Jacob Peterson, Chris Bines, Killian James, Bruno Bernal, Addison Graham,
Gabriel Cross and JJ Knight

    Okay Chicago, it's taken forever for summer to show up and aren't you ready for some pool time? Well seeing Bruno
Bernal under water warming up to Sebastian Kross is a nice start, it also helps when Bernal goes down on Sebastian's big
ol' cock! Now both of these guys have juicy asses, but Kross (one really good ass eater) is the first to put a tongue up it (lucky
Kross). When it's time to sit on a dick we all know it's Bernal doing the sitting (time to give it up Kross) and you are going to
love the way Bernal sits on it! Next up we have Jacob Peterson and JJ Knight, and I have to give props to Peterson because
not only does he go down on Knight's big Grabby nominated dick, he then bounces on it! Only the cocky Killian James would
be erect swimming around a pool looking for someone to play with, and his victim will be the innocent looking Addison
Graham. But I am a bit confused... humping and bumping is all that was done. After a swim, Chris Bines and Bruno Bernal
are back in the house and Bines is first to lose his swim suit with Bernal on his knees. After the guys take turns sucking on
each other it's the tan line free Bernal with a dick up his bum. Now it's time for bathroom sex with the very passionate Dorian
Ferro and the innocent looking Gabriel Cross who have some hot kissing. We then find out Cross has a big one and after he
starts munching on Ferro's ass we know where he is going to put that big dick... all I can say is Cross just isn't that innocent!
This is a good movie, I just expected more.
3.75 Stars!