Head Play


Head Play
2017. Falcon
Directed by Tony DiMarco
Starring JJ Knight, Skyy Knox, Ryan Rose, Roman Todd, Alex Chandler, Jay James

   In the land of virtual gaming, Ryan Rose finds his treasure but Skyy Knox swoops in with his superpowers, then ties Rose
to a tree (hot) and steals the trophy. Well, when you have Ryan Rose tied up in front of you, you strip him down. Knox starts
sucking dick and Rose really seems to like it. Knox gets naked. You have to watch him put the condom on Rose’s dick and,
with Rose still tied up, you will really enjoy Knox sitting on some Rose dick. Rose gets untied and the fucking continues, okay
pounded. Out of nowhere, Roman Todd appears and steals the object and later, Jay James appears out of nowhere (really)
and starts sucking on Todd’s dick. Somehow Todd is naked and starts eating on James’ ass and we all know first to eat is first
to fuck. Back in the reality lab, JJ Knight does not realize that Alex Chandler will be testing his boundaries. Chandler gets
Knight’s massive dick and gives it a workout, but it’s Skyy Knox he is fantasizing about, and Knight really just fucks the hell
out of Knox’s ass. Now back to reality and fantasy: Chandler gets a double-fucking by Knight (you have to see the movie to
totally understand). Watching this movie, all I can think is Skyy Knox is one lucky man to get fucked by both Ryan Rose and
JJ Knight.

  3.9 Stars!