Head Hunting


Head Hunting
2014 Kristen Bjorn Productions

Directed by Strongboli
Starring: Lucas Fox, Leo Domenico, Toby Dutch, Geoffrey Paine, Joe Gunner, Diego Lauzen, Wagner Vittoria and
Diesel O'Green

    Geoffery Paine is a head hunter and is looking to hire a head hunter and Lucas Fox, Leo Domenico and Toby Dutch are
being interviewed for the job. Now Joe Gunner is the butler who is in the mood to shake things up and drugs the guy's drinks.
Well the drugs kick in and Fox, Domenico and Dutch are getting naked and sucking on each other in no time. Earlier, Joe the
butler was bringing his boss Paine breakfast in the tub and Joe the butler is looking to shake things up and gives Painer a had
job and an ass eating to be proud of. We all know the first to get your ass eaten is the first to get fucked, and let's just say Joe
the butler gives great service (and cums big time). Remember, Joe the butler is looking for trouble and is now flipping and getting
fucked by Paine. On the other side of town, photographer Diesel O'Green is talking pictures of Diego Lauzen and Wagner Vittoria
and they are very hot in their swim suits, and even hotter when their hard dicks come plopping out of their suits. So what is a good
photographer to do? Take pictures of the guys sucking each other and eventually get naked with them. Back in the house, it's time
for Fox, Dutch and Domenico's competence test which means they are naked, hard and are sucking and fucking and getting fucked
by each other (it's hot). Back in the house, models Vittoria and Lauzen are naked, hard and running around having fun when Vittoria
makes the mistake of teasing his ass to Lauzen. They then take turns fucking each other (hot). There is this really hot group scene near
the end of the movie with Dutch, Fox, Domenico, Paine and Gunner fucking and sucking each other, but when we eventually see
Vittoria and Lauzen double fucking O' Green, all I can say is you will cum on the spot! This is a hot and sexy movie.
 3.95 Stars!