Hard at Work: Gentlemen 19


Hard at Work: Gentlemen 19
2017. Lucas Entertaiment
Directed by Michael Lucas
Starring Drae Axtell, Dylan Franco, Lee Santino, Sergeant Miles, Stas Ladon, Ace Era, Brian Bonds and Jack Andy

Over the years, I have worked with some cute people but I have never had them suck my dick in the office nor have I
sucked their’s, have you? When this movie starts, Dylan James is getting is getting his dick sucked by Drae Axtell and Stas
Ladon (lucky man). Once the guys take turns munching on Drae’s ass, you know who is getting fucked but the guys go back
and forth fucking Drae and it’s really hot. In another office, we find Dylan Franco and Lee Santoro playing with a large
dildo (never did that in the office) and after both guys try to deep-throat it, they start making out and making out leads to
getting naked and dick-sucking. It gets interesting when Santoro starts fucking Franco with the big dildo but don’t worry;
Santoro eventually uses his own dick but I was surprised when they flip fucked. Now what was entertaining was when they
got the double-headed dildo out and fucked each other. In another office, Sergeant Miles is working when Ace Era comes in
and Miles challenges Era to earn a bonus. Miles is on the desk with his hard dick to be sucked so I would say Era goes for it.
When it’s Era’s turn to get on the desk, he is on his back with his legs in the air and getting his toes sucked. So when Miles
starts munching on Era’s ass I have to say I do find Era’s “fuck me” tattoo on his ass entertaining, but not to worry; Era
does get fucked doggy-style on the desk. Now we meet Jack Andy who is playing with Stas Ladon’s cock and Brian Bonds is
watching It’s Bonds who sucks Ladon’s dick first but the guys take turns sucking on each other. Once everyone loses their
pants, it’s Andy with Bonds’ dick up his ass and Bonds with Ladon’s dick up his ass – it’s hot! Andy is the first to be double
penetrated but not to be left out, Bonds is next to be double penetrated. If you like a man in a suit, this movie is for you!

 3.9 Stars!