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Tom Olah:  How did you first get into porn?
Hans Berlin:  I came to Hollywood for acting. But after a while, the acting business made me very unhappy. So I thought I'd start something something new and asked my porn friend Adam Russo (www.adamrussoxxx.com) to put me in touch with some of his contacts. He gave me the number of TITAN's Jasun Mark. I called him and we talked for almost an hour. He opened my eyes about the porn industry -- that it was not as "dirty" as I thought it to be. They booked me for two scenes that haven't been released yet. Another porn friend, Kieron Ryan (I already had some many friends in the porn industry, and I guess that's what happens if you work as a dancer in West Hollywood and what I did to make some extra money), hooked me up with www.manhandled.com
before my first Titan shoot, that was about two months away, so enough time to mentally prepare. But Manhandled needed a top right away as someone had canceled. So they sent me pictures of my scene partner to convince me. I gave in and shot my very first porn scene the very next day.
T.O:  What was your first day on the set like?
H.B:  I was very nervous on my 1.5 hour drive from Hollywood to Anaheim. Yes, that's where Disneyland is. We literally shot the scene in a hotel across the Park. It was so funny passing all the families with kids in the lobby knowing that I would go to a hotel room now to shoot porn. I had this dirty little secret that no one knew of. When I opened the door, I was surprised that there was only Gino, who owns the company, another camera guy and my hot scene partner James. Looking back, I think it was perfect that way. Gino let me and James just have sex and filmed around us. It made it feel very natural. I'm an exhibitionist, and because of my acting background (hey, I had four years of acting training) I forgot about the cameras around us. Of course, I had problems getting hard at first. But a little, blue pill and some quiet time with James before helped a lot. All in all, it was an amazing experience.
T.O:  Who was your first scene partner?
H.B:  The incredibly hot James Ryder, now a Falcon Exclusive. I hadn't heard of him before. We had great chemistry together. Actually, we went out on a date a few days after the scene. Only made out, but didn't have sex. I guess that's the porn world -- the dating game runs in reverse. 
T.O:  Can we assume you have some German in you?
H.B:  I was born and raised in Germany. South of Munich. Where the hills are alive with the sound of music. And where they leave your dick the way mother nature intended it to be. I consider myself very German, mixed with some California Hippie mentality. But unfortunately, I don't have the German punctuality. And I don't like soccer. That's why they threw me out of the country ten years ago.  
T.O:  First time you had sex was it with a boy or a girl?
H.B:  Here comes the Bill Clinton question -- what do you consider sex? I did some heavy petting with girls, but my dick was never attracted to vagina, that's why I never really slept with a woman. I fooled around with guys from my high school at the same time. We watched some porn together and jerked off. Sometimes, we jerked each other off. Most of them were straight and had a bad conscience after. I wasn't really gay back then either, but I always thought it was hot. Thinking of that now makes me really horny.
T.O: As a Lucas Entertainment Exclusive, how did you first get involved with them?
H.B:  Thanks to another porn friend, Adam Killian. We were dancing together at the White Party in Palm Springs in 2012. When I decided to do porn, I coincidentally met him again at the 99 cents only store in Hollywood (yes, we shop at the 99 cents only store). I told him about my new plans and he got me in touch with Lucas. I didn't even have to do one of Michael's Skype interviews. In the summer of 2012, I was in New York (that's where I lived first in the U.S. to study acting) and called them many times to finally put me in one of their movies. At some point, they gave in.

T.O:  First Lucas movie you did?
H.B:  My first scene that summer was with newcomer Justin Cruise. They haven't released it yet. I think he was in town for one week only. So he got fucked by a different man every day. Poor guy. But the scene with him was a lot of fun. I'm completely versatile, it always depends on the other guy. When I top, I like them younger and smaller than me. And then I like to get really rough. The Lucas people told me to get extra rough with him. And that's what I did. Justin had to stop the scene at some point. But he enjoyed it. And I did, too.
T.O:  What can we look forward seeing you in this year?
H.B:  I'll be traveling a lot this year and might be in a place near you this summer. Heading to New York next week to shoot with Lucas and to perform two shows on Fire Island. Then off to London for Hustlaball, Madrid for Pride, couple of shows in Ibiza. Then New Orleans for some appearances during Southern Decadence. My two Titan scenes (one with studly Jessy Ares) will be released this summer, as well as my latest Lucas scenes and one hilariously hot scene I shot for men.com in London. Speaking of London, while I'm there for Hustlaball in July, I'll be shooting my very first scene with Johnathan Agassi. So excited (and hard) already.

T.O:  So growing up were you a naked kid?
H.B:  Nudity is nothing weird where I grew up. I saw my parents often naked, not that I wanted to. But that was just the way it is. I think nudity is unreasonably overrated and demonized here in the States. Janet Jackson's tit didn't kill anyone. In my opinion, the violence on TV and in the movies is a lot worse than seeing someone naked.
T.O:  I might like porn but I have never done porn, do you tell the family?
H.B:  I haven't so far. And believe me, every time I go back home I ask myself the same question. Maybe this summer I'll tell them. We are very close. I'm hiding this big chunk of my life from them now, and if feels like we are drifting apart. I think for 90% they'd be okay with it, as they want me to be happy and that's what I am. But I'm afraid of that 10% of not being okay, because of shame and disappointment that they might have. I have one older brother, and he knows. He's even a little jealous of my life right now with all the traveling and fun and sex I have.

T.O:  What performer do you want to work with?
H.B:  I met Matthew Rush at the Grabbys this year. Too bad that he's retired now. I would have loved to film with him. For me, he's a "left-over" of the times when there were real porn stars. Now everyone can do porn. That's why I consider myself a porn performer (smiles).
T.O:  Best way for your fans to keep up with all things Hans Berlin?
H.B: Follow me on Twitter at @HansBerlinxxx, or on Facebook. I also have a blog on Tumblr as HansBerlinxxx. I'm usually pretty good with keeping everything updated. And you get some very private pix through my daily tweets.  
T.O:  This being pride month any advice for anyone coming out?
H.B:  In a perfect world, it shouldn't really matter if you're gay or straight. "Coming out" seems such an outdated term. I remember when I came out to my mother, one of her responses was if I really wanted to be alone for the rest of my life (she's completely fine with me now being gay, but it took some time). Now gays and lesbians can get "married" in Germany (Germany has civil unions that have almost the same rights and obligations as a traditional marriage). And hopefully America will get rid of it's Michele Bachmann's and open marriage to everyone. Gays nowadays don't only go to gay clubs and stay in the gay Ghettos. They mingle and get drunk with their straight friends in straight bars. The strict separation of gay and straight seems to disappear. "Coming Out" sounds like: "Here's the toaster oven. Welcome to the club (remember that episode on "Ellen" and I mean the Sitcom, not the talk show). Now you have to live in the gay ghetto and only do gay things!" Thank God, it's not like that anymore. 
So my advice for anyone who realizes that they are attracted to the same gender is:
Be yourself. Be who you are.  You don't have to change your life. You don't have to join the Gay Club. Let your feelings out and be happy. There might be some consequences, but I'm a strong believer that if you're okay with yourself, others will be, too. And yes, stay away from the places where they still hate us. And always remember, that it took a lot of work and some lives to get that far. That's what PRIDE month is all about: Remembering how we got here, but also walk the streets with pride of who we are.

This article ran in the June 18, 2013 Issue of GRAB Magazine.